10 Reasons Why NaMo is the Best PM for India

Modi Is The Best PM

10 reasons why Narendra Modi is the Best Prime Minister for India

Modi declared best PM by UNESCO.

A few weeks ago this post had Facebook and Twitter users from India in a tizzy. Some sporting celebrities too fell for what was quite obviously a rumour. Hundreds of thousands, however, forwarded this news on Whatsapp and other messaging apps and on Social Media.

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While UNESCO is no where close to making such brash declarations or even formulating criteria for judging Prime Ministers, it is beyond question that Mr. Narendra Modi has been one of the most prominent PMs of this country. While his success (or lack of it according to critics) is a subjective matter much debated in recent times, the overwhelming majority of Indians agree that NaMo is the best thing that has happened to India. This, again, is a claim that may be debated at large but there are a number of reasons to endorse the view.

Decisive Stand

The news that the country is currently raving about is the decisive stand Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken when it comes to internal security. For years, india has taken the back foot when it comes to dealing with security threats and cross border infiltration. Previous Prime Ministers have been keen to retain the “peacekeeper” image and allowed the country to slowly bleed at the frontiers. NaMo, on the other hand has adopted a multi-pronged policy. With regard to dealing with the terrorist threats posed by Pakistan, not only has he been successful in isolating the neighbor using effective diplomatic tools but has also shown that India shall not desist from conducting surgical strikes across the LOC to combat terrorist outfits. Every offensive shall be responded in kind at a place and time of our choice. Even Naga insurgents who assaulted and killed Indian troops in (March 2015) was avenged with surgical strikes well with Myanmar borders.

India in the News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faced much flak and jibe back home for his innumerable foreign trips. What is undeniable, though, is that the PM has been immensely successful in garnering international support for the country and in forging diplomatic and economic alliances like no other leader has. As of September this year, the PM had made over 56 foreign trips and visited 44 countries of the world. From being the first PM to visit Canada in 42 years to wooing unlikely allies such as Saudi Arabia, from underlining the common heritage with Africa to convincing developed nations to returning Indian artifacts, PM Modi has been a grand success in keeping international attention firmly on India.

Economic Leadership

The NaMo government’s focus on the economic development of the country is undeniable. It is here that we should let numbers do the talking. In economic growth rate of the country in 2013-14 was pegged at about 4.7 percent, a slight increase over the 4.5 percent growth of 2012-13. Compare this with the GDP growth of 7.6 percent as reported for 2015-16. The average inflation of India in 2013 was estimated at 10.92 percent and in 2016 it was estimated at about  6.00 percent. The focused approach of the NaMo government to uplift the ailing economy and expanding opportunities has certainly paid off.

Empowering India

“Make in India” These three words declared by the PM from the ramparts of the Red Fort woke the nation up to its potential. For years, India has been grappling with the menace of unemployment but the PM’s vision to transform India into the manufacturing hub of the world has breathed new life into about 25 different sectors. Foreign investment is pouring in with Ease of Doing Business rankings climbing steadily. Add to this Modi’s flagship campaigns – Skills India and Digital India and the nation is turning into one of the best startup incubation centers in the world.

For the Masses

One of the key differences that sets Modi apart from his predecessors is his focus on the welfare of the masses. Social security and financial inclusion have been key agenda points of the NaMo led NDA government. Schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY), the Atal Pension Yojna (APY), Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) and others have opened up opportunities for financial inclusion and allowed the masses access to bank accounts, insurance, pension and such financial benefits at  subsidised rates. Dipping into  his reputation as a “chaiwala”, the PM has consistently up-kept his image as the country’s Pradhan Sewak (Prime Servant) rather than Pradhan Mantri (Prime Minister).

Diaspora’s Darling

PM Modi is undoubtedly the darling of the Indian diaspora. He is the only Indian prime Minister to have consistently engaged in direct communication with the Indians living abroad. From addressing a 11,000 strong Indian crowd in Johannesburg to the 18,000 NRIs in California, from 10,000 Indians in Toronto to 50,000 Indians in Dubai – not only has NaMo instilled a sense of pride and belonging among the Indians living abroad but has also worked towards betterment of their conditions. NaMo has earned the respect and support of NRIs by referring to them as Indian ambassadors abroad.

UNSC Crusader

PM Modi’s international trips had another key agenda – to garner international support for India’s bid to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. “It is really absurd to imagine… it (India) is not a permanent member of UNSC”, said former French President Nicolas Sarkozy after NaMo’s successful outreach to France. He was echoing the sentiments of Japan, Canada, Germany, Russia, and many Americans as well.

Leading the World

Saddled with a colonial legacy, India has been quite a docile follower despite its immense capabilities. Under PM Narendra Modi India seems to have broken out of its shell. Be it with regard to the BRICS bank or the PM MOdi, along with French President François Hollande, launched an alliance of over 120 nations – the Solar Alliance – at Paris COP21 climate summit. He volunteered to set up the headquarters in Gurgaon, India, once again bringing our nation to the forefront. Under NaMo, India has emerged from the shadows and taken on the lead in the global space.

Back to Basics

While other leaders are still formulating outdated programs to combat issues, PM Modi has kindled the spark in the younger lot creating awareness and designing a drive to improve domestic conditions. The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is a wonderful example of how the PM has managed to reign in the children and the youth of the country to battle the issue of cleanliness and hygiene – a traditional concern of India. In the process, he has managed to introduce healthy competition by naming clean cities and clean railway stations as well, putting cleanliness on the national agenda.

Leader With a Vision

India was a land of visionaries. The present day political scenario stands out in stark contrast to the wisdom of ancient kings and leaders. Modi stands out in his vision for a growing populace and for a resplendent India. From a clear direction in terms of renewable energy to development of ecology and focus on regional development, from harnessing opportunities to tapping into growth, not only has NaMo set out clear goals for the nation, the PM has also laid out a road-map with clear short and long term milestones to achieving these.

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