Aadhaar Card – Uses, Objectives, and Benefits

Most Important Uses of Aadhar Ca

Most Important Uses of Aadhar Ca

The Aadhaar Card can be defined as a document that carries a 12-digit identification number that is provided to you by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) as a representative of the Indian Government. The number acts as an evidence of address and identity of people across all parts of India. One can get the Aadhaar letter, which contains the card itself, through India Post or download it from the UIDAI website. Both will be regarded as equally authentic.

Enrollment details

Any individual in India can enroll for the Aadhaar Card. Factors like the age and gender of the person are not important over here. However, they need to be residents of India and also fulfill some other criteria laid down by the UIDAI. Every person can enroll only once and this can be done at free of cost. The Aadhaar Numbers are unique and they stay valid for as long as the person is alive.

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How is Aadhaar Card useful?

With the help of Aadhaar number one can access useful services such as mobile phone connections, cooking gas connections, and banking. While in the initial stages this number is only applicable for government-run services it is expected that in future other similar services, as well as ones run by non-governmental entities, will come into its fold as well.

Some extra information

You can easily verify the status of the progress of your Aadhaar Card’s application on the internet without paying any money. The main purpose of this card is to make sure that India can get rid of the countless false and duplicitous identities that have ripped it apart for such a long time. The biggest problem of the aforementioned identities is that they are all part of the private and government databases and thus they can create the sort of information problem that we see in India right now. This number also upholds the secular aim of the country in the way that it is just a random number that has been generated without paying regard to socially-divisive factors like caste, religion, creed, and their geographical location.

Why is Aadhaar Card different from others?

The first thing that stands out about the Aadhaar Card is that it not just any other card. It carries a 12 digit identification number that can be used by every resident in India, including infants and children. It is a way to establish a separate identity for all Indians.

In case of the Aadhaar Card biometric and demographic data is used in order to establish every individual in India as a unique and separate identity. This is a voluntary service and one can avail this facility even if he or she does not have any documentation. One individual can have only one Aadhaar number.

Aadhaar Cards set the basis for an infrastructure based on universal identity. This can be used by passports, ration cards, or any other application that is based on identity of an individual. You can get definitive answers to all your queries pertaining to identification at the UIADAI.

Misconceptions about Aadhaar Card

There are several wrong notions about the Aadhaar Cards. The first of them is that having just Aadhaar Card is good enough for the whole family. Many also think that Aadhaar gathers information on the basis of criteria such as caste, language, and religion. It is also thought that it is obligatory for all Indians with proper documentation to have an Aadhaar Card. It is also foolhardy to assume one can collect as many as Aadhaar numbers as he or she wants. It is also wrong to assume that Aadhaar can replace all other identity cards. It is just a proof of residence and not one of citizenship as many would want it to be. Lot of people are also under the impression that the UIDAI information can be accessed by other public agencies or privately-owned entities. This is a wrong notion as well.


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