Bird Talk: Queues of Pain

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It is indeed unfortunate that a well-intentioned move by the government had such poor foresight on the short-term consequences of demonetization. It seems that little thought has gone into how the government would execute the withdrawal of earlier currency and introduce the new ones.

Each day, the nation is losing productive time with people wasting an entire day standing in queues, desperate to withdraw or deposit their hard earned money. The damage is done, but the government must immediately take remedial measures to mitigate the suffering of the common man, who has little or no role to play in black money, corruption or fake currency.

Read our take on customers’ queueing up before banks and ATMs. The question we are asking today is: Do you see any wealthy people standing in queues? Let us know how inconvenienced you are and what are the few steps you would like the government to take to improve the cash availability and curb the never-ending lines before banks.


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bird talk currency



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