Civil Services Day | Who are Civil Servants and What They do for India?

Civil Services Day
National Civil Service Day 2020
Civil Services Day
National Civil Service Day 2020

The ‘Civil Services Day’ is observed annually on April 21. The day is a tribute to the civil servants who are the backbone of India’s administrative machinery. Their involvement is essential in the draft of every scheme and policy of Central and state governments.

Here is what they do for the country.

Bureaucrats advise politicians

The government makes the policies and schemes, but politicians have to take all the vital suggestions from the bureaucrats. They play a significant role in every government department as a district-level officer to a secretary-level official. Bureaucrats should have some extraordinary qualities such as sound knowledge of several subjects, understanding of public affairs, quick decision-making ability, skill how to deal with people and high profile authorities, and so on. Civil servants have to interact with the people of all walks of life as well.

Civil servants implement govt’s policies

Bureaucrats have to work tirelessly for the smooth running of the administration. They have to implement all the government policies successfully at the root level. The officers are responsible for maintaining law and order, along with peace and brotherhood in society. At present, civil servants are playing a leading role in the containment of novel coronavirus.

Several branches of civil services

At the outset, it is not wrong to say that civil servants are the real policymakers of the nation, and they are running the government behind the curtain. They have to deal with all the critical files and advise the ministers from time to time on important issues. There are several branches of civil services. It consists of Indian Administrative Services  (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Foreign Services (IFS). Besides this, there are central group A and B allied services. All the officers of these services form a strong structure of the Indian administrative system.

Sardar Patel delivered the first speech on this occasion

April 21 has been chosen to celebrate Civil Services Day, because, on this day, the first Home Minister of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, had delivered a powerful speech in the presence of probationers of Administrative Services Officers in 1947 at Metcalf House in Delhi. The Iron Man of India dubbed the civil servants as the ‘steel frame of India’. The first Civil Services Day was celebrated on April 21, 2006, at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Not easy to crack civil services exam

Getting into civil services, then serving the nation is a dream and a lifetime goal of thousands of Indian youths. But it is not a cup of tea for all to crack this challenging examination. Brilliant and cream students successfully get into the civil services. Civil services examination is held in three-phase; the purpose behind this is to eliminate the average and mediocre students before the final selection.

Bureaucrats made for all occasion

Currently, civil servants are playing a significant role in maintaining law and order in the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the country. They are working tirelessly without caring for their families and their health. They have one purpose in their mind to minimise the casualties. They have handled the novel coronavirus situation admirably so far. Bureaucrats have to come forward to serve the nation with devotion in any natural calamities or crisis situation.

PM Modi praises bureaucrats in the war against COVID-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today praised bureaucrats for their efforts in the fight against coronavirus on the occasion of Civil Services Day.

The PM tweeted this morning.” Today, on Civil Services Day I convey greetings to all Civil Servants and their families. I appreciate their efforts in ensuring India successfully defeats COVID-19. They are working round the clock, assisting those in need and ensuring everyone is healthy”.

On the occasion of Civil Services Day, extraordinary officers have been chosen from the central and state governments. The Prime Minister of India awards the excellent officers for their remarkable services in the field of public administration.