Delhi Govt’s New Ad is Amateurishly Clever and Sadly Not Aam Aurat Pro

Delhi-govt-New-advertisementThe Delhi government under Kejriwal has been in news for locking horns with Lieutenant Governor Jung on various issues, as many dismiss the CM’s approach as ‘meri marzi ki sarkar’. However, confrontation-scarred AAP government was looking, as it were, for some new diversion to gather back its morale as it released a new ad to spotlight its achievements.

The new self-congratulatory advertisement running on TV, YouTube and other media channels shows a middle-class homemaker grappling with mounting expenses and discovering a saviour in Mr Arvind Kejriwal (read his electricity bill initiative).

The two minute film is pretty sexist as the lady is shown doing everything from grocery shopping, cooking meals, budgeting the expenses and dropping the child to school while her man is relaxing all day watching TV or reading the papers.

Dubbed as an amateurish production the ad carefully avoids any reference to AAP or its government. Instead it carries positive references to the CM himself (of course, without a face) no less than eleven times — twice as Arvind, seven times as Kejriwal and once as ‘unke’ and ‘unhonae’ each.

The woman is overjoyed and excited that her electricity bill is quite less compared to earlier ones. Obviously, she is unaware of the fact that the tariff shot up by six percent this week on 15 June and a number of consumers enjoying the subsidy may have leapt into a no-subsidy category.