Fertiliser Quality Control System (FQCS) portal

Fertiliser Quality Control System (FQCS) Image
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Fertiliser Quality Control System (FQCS) Image

As a part of the effective and collective efforts of the Government of India and the Ministry of agriculture, a web-based portal has been launched to improve and upgrade the agriculture synergies.

The need for a web-based portal

A big portion of the production cost of fertiliser is paid as a subsidy by the Government. As a result, the farmers get the fertilisers at very affordable rates. Another benefit of the subsidy payment is that the fertilisers that the farmers get are of good quality and in good condition. The states and the central government have set-up fertiliser quality laboratories all over the country to make sure that the perfect quality of fertilisers reach the farmer.

Fertiliser inspectors randomly collect the samples and these are sent to laboratories for quality testing. The various government departments and agencies maintain various statistics and information and for the samples which are found to be of poor quality, remedial measures are taken.

However, the manual management of all the steps involved in Fertiliser Quality Control is a very tedious process and also time consuming. In order to get rid of these problems, the web-based Fertiliser Quality Control System portal is being launched.

What is the Fertiliser Quality System (FQS) Portal?

This is a web-based application with configurable workflow developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). The website can be accessed at the URL http://www.fqcs.dac.gov.in.


To keep and maintain a record of fertiliser sample collection, fertiliser testing and analysis reports.

The process

• The fertiliser sample registration is done through the portal.
• The data is transferred to the lab server for quality analysis.
• The results of the fertiliser quality test are uploaded online and the farmers and the other concerned agencies can access the report any time.

Uses of the web portal

• The portal will help in automation of the manual activities involved in fertiliser testing.
• It will help in online tracking of the status of the sample.
• This is also a mobile-based application where the quality inspectors can enter the details of the samples while at the labs itself.

This is indeed a great step taken by the government for further up-gradation of the agriculture sector of the country as a whole. In the first phase, the system will be implemented in Central Fertiliser Quality Control And Training Institute, (CFQC&TI) and its three Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Ltd (RFCLs). Subsequently, the system will be made available to all the State Quality Control laboratories.


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