National Career Service (NCS) Explained


“Job Opportunities, Single Platform” – is the motto with which Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Career Service (NCS) initiative on July 20, 2015 at the 46th Labour Conference, organised by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

The Objective of NCS

To create a comprehensive national web-based jobs platform that will bring together all job aspirants and potential employers on a single portal, to enable easy and efficient fulfillment for all stakeholders.

Why a National Career Service Portal?

As per the Report on the fourth National Annual Employment and Unemployment Survey 2013-14 by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the unemployment rate stood at 4.9%. According to the report, 49.5% of people were self-employed, with 30.9% working as casual labour, 16.5% as wage/ salary earners, while the remaining 3% were contract workers.

The problem today is that popular job portals cater mostly to private sector employers and only a few public sector companies. Most of the Government and Public sector job opportunities remain outside of these portals. On the other hand, the traditional Employment Exchanges, 982 in all, have failed to modernise with time and have not been able to deliver the service effectively to millions of job seekers across India.

The present government felt the need to bridge the opportunity and service gap between all job seekers and potential employers, government and private, to ensure a more efficient opportunity fulfillment for both. The NCS portal is designed to do just that.

Even vocational jobs like electrician, plumber, driver, carpenter, etc., can be listed. Facilitating job seekers to find jobs is a priority with the government and so Rs 100 crore had been allocated initially for the development and maintenance of the online exchange portal.

Model Career Centers linked to NCS

The Ministry of Labour and Employment has established 1,031 Model Career Centers by converting several of the existing Employment Exchanges into modern facilities, where job seekers can get appropriate career advice.

All centers are linked to NCS. The portal has got a further boost with government making NCS as a launching base for job seekers to benefit from three major government job creation initiatives – ‘Digital India’, ‘Skill India’ and ‘Make in India’.

NCS aims to list over 900,000 establishments and companies over time. The 982 Employment Exchanges list over 45 million job seekers. The NCS now has included this list in the overall NCS database, with an improved access system for job seekers to easily view the job opportunity listings related to their area of qualification and interest.

Currently, NCS lists 20,407,550 job seekers. Career opportunities listed cover over 53+ sectors, offered by 1,684 registered employers.

NCS Portal Highlights for Respective Stakeholders Profile of Portal Users

  • Job Seekers
  • Employers
  • Skill/Training Providers
  • Counsellors
  • Local Service Providers
  • Private Placement Agencies
  • DGE&T- Admin And Users

Finding Jobs Made Easy

To ensure only genuine job seekers get listed, every registered job seeker must submit their PAN and Aadhaar details along with their e-mail and mobile number, during registration. This is a one-time process. Once details have been submitted, a unique NCS number is generated, which will facilitate subsequent access and also help during submission of job application to potential employers.

The process of filling in personal, educational and vocational information is easy. One has to simply click links for each category and fill in information. The links are:

  • Personal Info
  • Physical Attributes
  • Communication
  • Education and Training
  • Experience
  • Other Skills
  • My References
  • Preferences

For accessing opportunities and related information, there are the following links:

  • Search Jobs
  • Jobs Applied
  • Job Preferences
  • Feedback on Local Services
  • Events, Cases
  • Assessment Tool
  • Change Password

How NCS Helps:

Job Seekers

Post-registration, a job seeker lands on the home page and logs in to his/her account. Job seeker updates his/her profile, if needed, and then searches for relevant jobs based on qualification, experience and training. Based on Search criteria applied, the job seeker can then view appropriate listed jobs.

On finding a potential job of interest, one can open up the relevant page for job details. If interested in applying, job seeker applies for the specific job. He/she can then view all jobs previously applied for on this page.


Meanwhile, the potential employer receives the job seeker’s application and can view all his/her background information. The employer then sends an interview call to the applicant, who then receives a notification by SMS/e-mail as well as on his personal section on NCS.

To ensure that only genuine employers are listed, the government has made it mandatory for employers to register themselves on NCS by submitting PAN details, Labour Identification Number (LIN), Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) number.

Employers can search for potential candidates by educational qualification, experience, training or location.


Counsellors are available to offer career-related advice to potential job seekers. An appointment for a personal counselling session can be set up at a Model Career Center nearest to the job seeker’s residence. Counsellors can advertise job fairs, counselling sessions, schedule dates, etc., through the portal.

Skills/Training Providers

Skills and Training Service Providers can list their service details, schedules, location, calendar, fees, etc., on the portal. Job seekers can access and view appropriate skills and training providers and contact them accordingly.

Placement Agencies

Earlier, private placement agencies only operated their own respective sites and competed to increase their database of job seekers and employers for listing on their sites. With NCS, they now have ready access to the largest database of job seekers and employers and can offer their specialised service offerings through NCS.

Local Service Providers

NCS is an excellent platform for Local Service Providers to list requirements for local openings, especially for vocation-based services like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, security guards, drivers, cooks, maids, etc.

Job seekers in this category can register and get instant access to relevant openings in their respective locality or area.