Tracking the Clean Ganga Project – Challenges Ahead

The Supreme Court has expressed disenchantment with the speed at which the Clean Ganga Project is progressing. It has the censured the national government in a strong manner for failing to present how it plans to execute the much important project. The apex judicial body of India has made it clear that the main issue holding up the plan is corruption, a perennial problem for India and it has also suggested some strict measures for correcting the situation. It has even suggested that certain people associated with the project be shown the door.

Supreme Court expresses disappointment over pace of Clean Ganga Project

The court has stated that the Indian Government has not been able to provide a proper stage-wise plan and state what its end aim is behind executing the project. As of now the Indian Government has till October 27 to provide reasons for the delays being faced by the project. It has been stated that people such as E. Sreedharan, who built the metro railway network in India, need to be made a part of the project because of their vision and experience.

Clean Ganga Project receives shot in arm from Canada

India has signed an agreement with Canada for cleaning up Ganga that happens to be one of the most used of its kind in the world. This is expected to be a major development for everyone concerned with the project. The agreement was signed on October 15 at New Delhi. In this agreement India was represented by the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation. The India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability or IC-IMPACTS represented the North American country. Now, both the entities shall take part in water research as will their partners and other stakeholders.

State governments urged to help with Clean Ganga project by Venkaiah Naidu and Uma Bharti

Uma Bharti, the Minister of Water Resources of India, and M Venkaiah Naidu, the Union Urban Development Minister, have had a discussion on the urban part of the Clean Ganga Project. One of the major issues plaguing the river is the untreated sewage that the 118 cities of the five states, through which the river passes, pour into the river. They have also talked about the steps that have to be adopted in order to solve the problem. Both the ministers have asked the state governments to participate in a proactive manner.

German experts visit Kanpur to help with cleansing of Ganga

A study team from Germany, comprising a couple of members, is presently visiting Kanpur for helping in the project to clean up Ganga. They are part of a venture between entities from India and Germany. During their research they have learnt that on a daily basis, 41 MLD untreated water is dumped into the river and this has shocked them to no end. Jagatveer Singh Drona, the Mayor of Kanpur, met the team and informed it that as of now the city can only treat 9 MLD of the 50 MLD of untreated water that it produces on a daily basis and the remainder of it is thrown into the river.