Bollywood support for Social Causes

Bollywood celebrities have become the unspoken Gods of the country. The kind of devotion the public worships them with is something beyond the level of understanding. It is this profound love for the celebs that unifies a diverse nation like India. People religiously follow their favourite filmstars, therefore, Bollywood celebs have now become one of the best mediums to connect with the masses. One of the best ways in which Bollywood is affecting their lives is by spreading awareness about some of the most crucial concerns of our society.

Bollywood celebrities have been long known for promoting awareness and supporting social causes that need immediate attention. Every name in the industry is now associated with some or the other cause or social issues. Ever since the celebrities have realised their power of influence, they have been making continuous efforts in using their magnificence for a good cause. When a celebrity stands up for a cause, he does not actually stand alone! With him stand his millions of fans who blindly follow their favourite stars as the ultimate preachers.

Being the Face of the Cause

While this trend has become even more widespread today, it isn’t anything of a recent approach. Remember how more than a decade back, the country’s most beautiful woman decided to donate her eyes and started supporting the cause of eye donation? You may have guessed it by now that none other than Aishwarya Rai is being talked about here. Her much popular advertisement for the Eye Bank Association had spread across as forest fire! Today, Aishwarya is also the Goodwill Ambassador of Smile Train and many other organisations.

Another impressive example of this social service is Salman Khan’s very own NGO called Being Human. His boundless love for children urged him to start off this charitable trust to help the underprivileged children in education and healthcare. Being Human has now become one of the most popular foundations for charity. In 2004, when the deadliest Tsunami had hit the Indian Southern coastline, a very young actor Vivek Oberoi, came forward to help the affected in every possible way. He even went on to adopt an entire village that had been hit by this natural calamity.

By becoming the face of the cause, Bollywood celebrities take up the duty of creating awareness amongst the crowd. The film industry runs majorly on the face value; probably which is why big organisations and charitable foundations choose these celebs as their ambassadors. Not many will be aware about the fact that Priyanka Chopra is the UNICEF national ambassador to support Indian children and their right to go to school. Vidya Balan was chosen as the brand ambassador for drinking water and sanitation campaign by Minister Jairam Ramesh.

Selfless Contributions

Actors like John Abraham, Shilpa Shetty, Shabana Azmi, Nafisa Ali, Rahul Bose and several others have been active participants of social service from quite a long time. While some celebs embrace the limelight in this service, there are those who like to work in silence. Most of the times, it is the kind of service you have indulged in that decides about your role in it. Aamir Khan’s approach of creating awareness about the social issues through a television show left an impeccable mark on the minds of the audience. The actor’s home production, Satyamev Jayate, focuses on raising awareness about the various social issues plaguing the society.

Most often when Bollywood celebs come forward to support a cause there is always a certain amount of scepticism that surrounds their intentions. They are often doubted and blamed for seeking public attention. Nonetheless, our superstars have selflessly continued to do their bit by supporting several causes. The uncontrollable speculations of the public have never stopped them from doing what they must do and that is to lend a helping hand in making this society a better place to live in! And this makes them the real superstars of the country!

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