Uddhav Needs Political Maturity to Run Coalition Govt

Uddhav Needs Political Maturity to Run Coalition Govt
Uddhav Thackeray
Uddhav Needs Political Maturity to Run Coalition Govt
Uddhav Thackeray

With the failure of BJP’s Maharashtra coup, the party’s debacle continues at the state level politics across the country. Unfortunately, the saffron party crossed all the limits in Maharashtra and formed a government with the support of NCP’s Ajit Pawar. The same story took place in Karnataka when BS Yediyurappa managed a hijack in the state and formed the government last year. It means there is no word of morality and ideology in the dictionary of politicians. Their objective is to remain in power by hook and crook.

The new trend in Indian democracy

Horse-trading was common in Indian democracy. At present, if no party gets a majority then MLAs are being bargained, kept in hotels and resorts otherwise they may flee in another faction. They are lured just like the Indian grooms.

BJP changes colour

The BJP wanted to put Ajit Pawar in jail as part of the Maharashtra irrigation scam. When he shook hand with the saffron party Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau have said that the agency has not found evidence against Ajit Pawar. Political parties change colour faster than chameleons. It seems the character and thinking of today’s politician have reached the lowest ebb.

Operation Kamal fails

The month-long political turmoil in Maharashtra started dramatically on Saturday morning with the oath-taking ceremony of Devendra Fadnavis as the second time chief minister. When most people were preparing to go to their offices or on the way and housewives were busy in the kitchen, that time Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari administered the oath at the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai at around 7.30 am. This surprising news amazed everyone. It was more astonishing than England’s thrilling victory against New Zealand in the 2019 cricket world cup.

History repeats in Maharashtra after 3 decades

The biggest tragedy with history is that it repeats itself. Unrest in Maharashtra politics for the time being ended with the assumption of Uddhav Thackeray as the new Chief Minister of the state. Maharashtra like the situation had erupted three decades ago in Uttar Pradesh, which changed the political complexion of the state. The formation of Janata Dal came into effect with the coming together of the Janata Party, Jan Morcha, Lok Dal (A) and Lok Dal (B). The Janata Dal in 1989 UP elections failed to get a majority by a whisker, short of six seats. That time Uttarakhand was the part of Uttar Pradesh.

Mulayam’s coup in UP in 1989

The then Prime Minister VP Singh showed confidence in Ajit Singh and declared him to be the new chief minister of UP, while Mulayam Singh Yadav was bestowed as the deputy chief minister. But Mulayam took a ‘U’ turn and rejected Dy CM’s post. He along with noted mafia don DP Yadav was able to bring 11 Ajit Singh’s loyalists to his camp. With the help of secret ballot in the UP Vidhan Sabha Mulayam knocked out his rivals by five votes to become the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra story was a little bit twisted but very much similar. Indian politics is replete with full of dramas.

From photographer to CM

With the fall of the BJP’s government in Maharashtra, ace photographer Uddhav Thackeray took oath as the new Chief Minister of the state. Aaditya and Uddhav, the father-son duo, created history. Aaditya was the first man of his family who fought the elections since the formation of Shiv Sena more than 50 years ago by his grandfather Bal Thackeray. The debut of Uddhav as the chief minister of Shiv Sena has written another history in the state’s politics. The new speaker is expected to be appointed on December 1 on Sunday. Nana Patole of the Congress is expected to be elected unopposed as the new speaker of Maharashtra assembly.

Governor’s role under scanner

The moment Fadnavis took the oath, a hustling bustling situation occurred in the political arena. Some parties took the route to Supreme Court and filed a petition. While many politicians got a golden opportunity to criticise the Union government as well as the decision of Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari over installing a minority BJP government led by Devendra Fadnavis, the apex court’s decision to examine the legality of governor BS Koshyari’s decision on inviting the BJP has left the legal field well poised.

Two different distinctions

Devendra Fadnavis has the distinction to become the second CM after Vasantrao Naik of the Congress to complete the full five years tenure in Maharashtra. But he was bowled by Sharad Pawar’s googly on the fourth day in his second term and scripted his name in the record book as one of the shortest-serving chief ministers in the country from 23-26 November 2019.

Shortest tenures of CMs

  – Jagdambika Pal was the UP CM for two days, February 21 to February 23, 1998.

  – BS Yediyurappa served as the chief minister of Karnataka from May 17-19, 2018.

  – Om Prakash Chautala took the oath as the chief minister of Haryana from July 12-17, 1990.

  – Nitish Kumar became the chief minister of Bihar from March 3-10, 2000.

  – SC Malik served as the Meghalaya CM from February 27 to March 10, 1998.

The old warhorse Sharad Pawar knows all the tricks of politics and has outwitted the saffron in the game of political chess. He has turned the table so much so that even his errant nephew had to leave Fadnavis and return to NCP. Despite the age, senior Pawar has seen many ups and downs, and he has remained cool like cucumber but he was able to change the political arithmetic with ease.