What Are Curry Leaves And Its Benefits?

Curry leaves
Curry Leaves.

Curry leaves are known as the foliage of Curry trees. Curry leaves are highly aromatic and uniquely flavoured leaves, which are used for cooking and medical purposes. Curry trees are known to be native to India. South Indian dishes are considered incomplete and unauthentic without the flavours of curry leaves. Curry leaves are highly beneficial for the health, skin, and hair as well.

What are the benefits of curry leaves?

Curry leaves enrich with essential nutritional compounds, including vitamin-a, vitamin-b, vitamin- c, vitamin-B2, vitamin-B6 iron, and calcium. It also enriches with linalool, alpha-terpinene, and myrcene-like compounds, which work as antioxidants for our bodies.

  • Reduces cholesterol levels: The antioxidant properties in the curry leaves help in lowering bad cholesterol and helps in producing good cholesterol.
  • Boosts digestion: The mild laxative properties in curry leaves helps in digesting food. 
  • Enhances hair growth: Curry leaves help in promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall. (Mixing in a few curry leaves in your regular hair oil will help in solving your hair concerns)
  • Beneficial for the eyes: Vitamin-A in curry leaves helps prevent eye disorders, such as night blindness and loss of vision. 
  • Promotes weight loss: Curry leaves reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels helping in losing weight. 
  • Helps in blood circulation: Consumption of curry leaves helps in easing menstrual issues. 
  • Treats wounds: Paste of curry leaves helps in healing wounds, cuts, and infections rapidly.
  • Helps control blood sugar: Incorporating curry leaves in your diet can help you control your blood sugar levels. 
  • Anti-inflammatory: Curry leaves help in reducing inflammation. 
  • Neuro-protective: Curry leaves may help in protecting the health of your nervous system. 
  • Anti-bacterial: Curry leaves contain anti-bacterial properties, which will protect bacteria from growing in your body. 

Are there any side effects of curry leaves?

There are no potential side effects of curry leaves. However, some people may not like the strong fragrance and taste of it. Therefore, it is not recommended for individuals who prefer light flavours for their food.

How can curry leaves be consumed?

Curry leaves are usually added to different dishes. However, it can also be consumed raw, or the extract can be drunk natural as well. Drinking curry leaves extract in the morning before breakfast is highly beneficial for those who have diabetes. Also, adding curry leaves to your tea will help you lose weight. Curry leaves can also be used for skin and hair.

Curry leaves paste can be applied directly on the skin for wounds. These can be added to coconut oil and applied to hair for reducing hair fall. Its paste can be combined with fenugreek paste and some olive oil and used as a hair mask for promoting hair growth and having shiner-looking hair.