What are the Benefits Of Parijat Leaves?

Parijat leaves, also known as Harsingar, treat different kinds of fever, cough, and arthritis in Ayurveda. The juice of parijat is quite bitter but works as a beneficial tonic. In addition, the Kadha (Decoction) made from these green leaves is excellent for arthritis, constipation and stomach aches.

The parijat plant’s flowers are aromatic and white, which work wonderfully for gastric and respiratory problems. Also, its stem powder is perfect for curing joint pain and Malaria.

Following are the benefits of Parijat leaves:

It is a beautiful plant in Ayurveda which is famously known for its incredible health benefits. It is an antioxidant, medicinal plant with numerous health benefits, from relieving pain to fighting against many diseases.

  • Treat arthritic knee pain

Parijat leaves and flowers produce many anti-inflammatory properties and specific essential oils that make them beneficial in treating arthritic knee pain. So Parijat leaves are an excellent remedy for relieving arthritis. 

  • Cure dry cough 

A delicious tea made from Parijat leaves an excellent way to reduce cough, cold, and sore throat. It has ethanol extract that acts as a great bronchodilator. It also cures asthma. You can take 2-3 leaves and boil them in 2 cups of water for 5-7 minutes with ginger. Then you can add honey and drink the tea. It is an excellent remedy.

  • Fight against fever

Parijat leaves are known for great antipyretics. They cure various types of fever, including Malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. Recent studies show that Parijat leaf and bark extract are very beneficial to cure fever instantly. It helps to improve and increase the platelet count in dengue and other kinds of fever. It also stops the parasite growth of organisms that can cause fever. It also helps to keep your body temperature in control.

  • Immunity booster 

It acts as an immunostimulatory because it has the presence of ethanol, which helps boost up the immunity level. 

  • Contain Anti-allergic and antibacterial properties

The oil of parijat leaves works well as an anti-allergic, antiviral, and antibacterial. In addition, it helps to cure staph infection and some other fungal infections. It can also be helpful to treat the various conditions of the skin.

  • Control Diabetes

Parijat leaves help to control high blood sugar levels. In addition, Parijat flower extract has some unique properties that help lower the blood sugar level. Therefore, diabetic patients can have parijat tea without adding sugar. 

  • Nourishment of hairs

The seeds of parijat clear and control dandruff and hair lice. Its flowers work as an excellent hair tonic and strengthen the hairs and prevent hair fall. It also helps to prevent hair from greying and dry scalp problems.

  • Treat Malaria 

Parijat leaves are beneficial for the treatment of Malaria. They help to reduce the parasite concentration in the body and lower the inflammation caused by Malaria significantly.

It works as a laxative and has so many skin healing properties. Parijat also helps manage anxiety, relieves cures digestive problems such as hyperacidity, nausea and relieves menstrual cramps.

The simplest way to use Parijat is to make tea using the leaves and flowers. The extracted oil from the plant is also used for its healing properties. There are capsules, powders and tablets of the Parijat plant that are readily available in the market.