Tughlaqabad Fort

Tughlaqabad Fort
Tughlaqabad Fort
Tughlaqabad Fort
Tughlaqabad Fort

Located on the present-day Mehrauli-Badarpur road in the southern part of Delhi, the ruins of the Tughlaqabad Fort are a must-see place in this part of India.

This fort has an interesting history: It was built in the early part of the 14th century by Ghias-ud-din Tughlaq. Before Tughlaq had acquired this title, he was called Ghazi Malik and served Sultan Mubarak Khilji. The idea of building this fort came to Tughlaq during a talk with Khilji where the latter jeered that the slave Tughlaq (then Malik) should build himself a brand new city atop a hillock. When Tughlaq came to the throne (involving details I won’t get into here), it was this very idea he wanted to see carried out.

The fort was to have a strong citadel to keep the threat of Mongol invaders at bay. For purposes of connectivity, Tughlaq also had a road built connecting to what came to be called the GT Road.

Legend has it that Tughlaq dictated that every labourer of the area be involved in building this city-fort. This invoked the wrath of one particular labourer – Nizamuddin Auliya – who cursed the entire enterprise. And lo and behold, the city-fort could not prosper! Even today it is known for the thorniness of its bushes, and its general inhabitability.

General Information:
The entrance is chargeable. For Adults who are Indian citizens, the cost is Rs. 5/-. For foreign visitors, the cost of the ticket comes to Rs. 100/- per head ($ 2). Entry for children up to 15 years of age is free.

The time taken to visit the entire complex is about 3 hours.
The terrain is uneven, thorny and generally not recommended for senior citizens and people who have difficulty walking.
Be equipped with proper walking gear while visiting this historical site.
The best time to visit the site is between October and April when Delhi weather is kinder.
The best mode of conveyance to the site is by car or cab. Parking is available at the entrance of the Fort.

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