10 tips to stay healthy during this festive season


A time to splurge, time to enjoy, the festive season is just ringing by. With happiness, love, affection, and warmth in the air, it is the festive time of the year. Abundant affection mingled with the love of near and dear ones, the festive season comes with its special mouth-watering delicacies. Festivals bring with them treat for the heart. With festivals around, we tend to forget precautions and indulge in eating delicious food. Giving up on diet and necessary precautions for ones suffering from some ailment or the other could be hazardous for health. The timeless saying “Health is wealth” is apt for all times. Health is above all everything. So, with the festive season ringing in, we advise not to take your health lightly. Take precaution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the festive season so as to enjoy and spread happiness amongst your near and dear ones.  Here are some tips to stay healthy during the festive season:-

  • In the times of adulteration of ingredients, it is advisable to be cautious before over-indulging in food items.
  • During the festive season and otherwise, do keep a check on your exercise. Daily exercise along with healthy eating is definitely the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • It is hard not to eat those mouth-watering delicious sweets during the festive season. For diabetic patients, it is important to keep a steady check on their dietary plans and restraint overindulgence.
  • Avoid savoring deep fried food items which not only increase cholesterol levels but add to fat count as well.
  • Hydration is an important factor for a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to remain hydrated not only during the festive season but for rest of the days as well.
  • Medicines are crucial for people suffering from ailments. For diabetic patients, it is important to regularly take their medicines while feasting as well as fasting.
  • Cooking oils are a detrimental factor which adds to a person’s healthy lifestyle. Be it a festive season or otherwise, it is advisable to opt for a healthier cooking oil. Using Fortune Vivo Diabetes- Care Oil is suggested. However, people can use a healthy oil which suits them the best.
  • Carbs have the potential to increase blood sugar level. During the festive season, it is advisable to eat carbs in moderation.
  • Monitoring blood sugar levels is most important for people suffering from diabetes. It is important to keep a regular check on blood sugar levels as during festive season one may forget to monitor it regularly.
  • Eating fresh fruits and salads strengthens one’s immune system along with regular exercise for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.