12 ways to protect yourself and your children from Smog

12 ways to protect yourself and your children from Smog

Outdoor air pollution is becoming a serious health hazard these days. If you are residing in a pollution prone area, you need to take special care in order to protect yourself and your children from Smog. Smoke and Fog together make Smog, which is basically a dense layer of harmful particles. It starts enveloping the area and refuses to settle down. Smog is responsible for causing viral infection and is extremely injurious for the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Try these simple tips to stay safe this smoggy winters –

Avoid areas releasing high pollutants – If you have respiratory conditions and it is necessary for you to travel then avoid congested areas for sure. It would be better not to go near seaports, and airports as these areas tend to have a high level of pollutants. If the air quality index is poor, it’s better to stay indoors and keep your windows closed.

Use jaggery to detoxify your body – Not many people are aware of the fact that jaggery can help in flushing out pollutants from your lungs. You can simply consume it raw or include it in your menu or food items you consume every day.

Use face masks – Do not go out without using a face mask. Face masks help in blocking the passage of harmful gases into the respiratory tract which could lead to severe health hazards.

Consider using indoor filter systems – An air purifier can help in reducing the concentration of indoor air pollutants. The filters help in eliminating allergens like dust, smoke, chemicals etc. which are mixed with the air. Because of these filters, it is easier to breathe inside the house and also stay safe from the hazardous smog covering the outdoors.

Do not exercise in smoggy conditions – Try to exercise only in early morning or evening or exercise inside to avoid smog. Do not go for exercising late in the morning as during that time the smog content in the air is extremely high which makes it poisonous.

Stay hydrated and drink herbal tea – Herbal tea helps in detoxifying the body and also minimising the effects of pollutants. Having herbal tea including ginger and Tulsi is extremely beneficial to the body. Pollutants from your body can easily be flushed out by the intake of water and healthy juices so consume more and more water. It will further help in the cleansing of your body.

Healthy environment – Since childhood, we are taught that trees play a significant role in improving the quality of air. They reduce the pollutants of the air and make it worth breathing. Plant trees like Aloe Vera, Money plant, Ivy, spider plant can be planted both indoors and outdoors. Don’t go to industrial areas, especially during the winter season as smog content is high in congested and industrial areas.

Take steam daily – Add some drops of eucalyptus oil and try to take steam every day in the evening. This will help you clear the air passages within the body.

Keep a check on air quality – It is really important to follow the air quality readings of your area as it would be easy to determine when to avoid going out of the house. The easiest way to keep a check is by watching the weather forecast or reading a daily update on the Air Quality website.

Spread awareness – Spread awareness among the people around you so that they may understand the consequences arising from this situation and also the health hazards. Make them aware of the colour codes and also provide the people around you with some solutions. Promote the use of carpools and ask your neighbors to avoid burning crackers or generate waste. Ask them to work together with you to reduce emissions. After all, we cannot wait for the government to take all steps. It’s time we should also get involved on our own.

Avoid indoor smoking – Keep your doors and windows closed and avoid smoking indoors. Also, avoid heavy exertion in areas of high dust pollution.

Eat healthy – Exposure to smog makes you prone to infections so it is advised to consume only those items which help you to detoxify your body. The Environmental Protection Agency has also suggested people to eat healthy and stay safe. Consume Vitamin C, Omega Fatty acids, and magnesium-rich foods in order to stay healthy. Also, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans to protect yourself from the harms of pollution.

Seek medical advice if you feel shortness of breath or any other type of breathing problem.

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