5 Most Populated Cities in India


5 Most Populated Cities in India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and that is something we Indians can be proud of. We can also be proud of the fact that India is the largest democracy in the whole world and has progressed a lot, ever since Independence. Although, despite the growth, one of the struggles India faces is the increasing population. Currently, whopping 1.3 billion people reside in India! It is also the second most populous country in the world, after China and comprises 17% of total world’s population, with its major cities suffering the most.

Mumbai – 22.5 million

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that Mumbai is the most populated city, after all, Mumbai is “Sapno ki Nagri”. Having the famous prolific industry, Bollywood, people from all over India rush here to make their dreams come true. It is the city where many millionaires live and serve an inspiration to all those who want to make it big. People moving to Mumbai have nothing but hopes to achieve what they want. And yes, there is a lot of traffic. Often people spend hours stuck in traffic congestion, but despite that, the city is known to have its own playful rhythm which apparently, people fall in love with. And then, they don’t leave!

Delhi – 18.6 million

Delhi is the education hub of the country, attracting students from all over India, but, the increasing population is resulting in a strain on the resources. Why do you think Delhi is so polluted? One of the reasons is the rising vehicular traffic. The city is getting choked and even the crime rate is increasing. One might wonder why people even choose to live here? Well, often there are mentions about helpful strangers, and you must have heard, “Dilli hai Dil Walo Ki”. People here are content with the happening culture and lifestyle, with the increasing MNCs in NCR region contributing to their success stories.

Bengaluru – 10.1 million

Earlier known as Bangalore, the rapid increase of IT sectors in the state, is one of the reasons why the young and ambitious crowd from other states is preferring to settle here. A dramatic change has been brought to the city’s economy and culture. Bengaluru is exceptionally proud of its drinking culture, which appeals the new generation of higher middle class, and of course, when they are sipping beers, they aren’t worried about the population havoc the city will have in coming years.

Hyderabad – 8.7 million

Hyderabadi Biryani isn’t the only reason behind the increase in population, as much as you would think. It is more about the upscale malls, multiplexes, clubs and bars. Every morning, people with energetic zeal can be seen bustling their way to “High-Tech” companies. When it comes to IT sectors, the city now competes with metropolis like Bangaluru and Chennai. The high population has led to appalling traffic, which has raised concerns, but there is a hope that Hyderabad Metro Rail would help combat the problem.

Ahmedabad – 6.3million

You’ll be amazed to know that the city has been termed as the “Third Fastest Growing City of the decade” by Forbes magazine, in terms of population. With quick urban development and increase in scientific industries, well-educated youngsters are moving to Ahmedabad. Apart from Gujratis, the population comprises of Malayalis, Tamils, Marathis, Sindhis and Punjabis, who have brought their culture and languages to the city. Unlike Bangaluru, Ahmedabad is a liquor-free city, but they sure relish western food, which is why restaurants and bakeries serving American food and agricultural products, hold great potential and are increasing day by day. It is predicted, that by 2021, the people residing here would be 9 million!


Overpopulation is a serious threat to the nation, as it is only adding more woes to the progress of the country. The economic growth wouldn’t show results if the small cities get overcrowded, as it only results in dysfunctionality of plans made for improving infrastructure and social welfare. Even Chennai and Kolkata are not far behind, like chasing rat-race, with both cities having more than 4 million residents. If the situation doesn’t come under control, then India would soon beat China, the country which saved itself by implementing “One-child policy” for three decades.  Then, imagine the ruckus! Foreigners would continue visiting India for “photography”, and leave with their camera roll filled with pictures of “poverty-struck” people. Would we be proud of our culture then? Or would we simply move to Antarctica?

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