5 Tips to Make Brain Sharper

1. Eat Foods That Make You a Brainiac

This is as easier as it gets. Just dig in these miraculous brain-friendly foods and get smarter. And, most of them are taste-buds friendly as well. Chocolate is here too!

Let’s start with blueberries. Researches show that not only they improve memory, but can also even reverse the memory loss! Greens can’t stay behind either when it comes to smartening techniques. Good old broccoli can help you ace those hard memory tests! It is excellent for improving memory and strengthening cognitive abilities. The creamy avocado has many benefits and one of them is to strengthen the brain muscles. It is called superfood for a reason, after all. Finally, dark chocolate is your ally. It improves your thinking abilities and memory. And, those who are worried about cognitive decline due to age, start munching on nuts (in moderation, of course).