6 night time drinks to detoxify liver and lose weight

1. Ginger and Lemon Tea –

Drinking ginger by squeezing fresh lemon into hot water can detoxify your body and also accelerate the process of weight loss. Ginger is a good source of anti-oxidants, possesses anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the gastrointestinal tract so it used for detoxification. Both Ginger and lemon promote weight loss. They both relieve stomach bloating, boost metabolism and prevent illness.
Remember, the drink works only when consumed warm. It flushes out toxins from the body and also clears the detoxification pathways. Due to this effect, the nerves get calmed and one falls asleep quickly.
How to make: A slice of ginger, half lemon, and one cup water.
1. Boil the water and add ginger juice to it.
2. Let it simmer for some time.
3. Turn the gas off and squeeze the half cut lemon into the water.
Consume the drink three times a day for better results.