Best Book Cafes in India, People Should Must Visit

Book cafes have become immensely popular among the people of India who love reading. If you love reading books, and exploring culture, don't miss a chance to visit these cafes.

Best Book Cafes in India

These days, book cafes have become immensely popular among the people of India who love reading. Every book lover is looking for space where they can spend some quality time with their most favourite companion in the world – books. They prefer the peaceful and quiet environment of a book cafe to escape from the noise and din of the everyday world into a world of fact, fiction, fantasy, biographies, poetry, and everything in between.

Atta Galata, Bangalore

Atta Galata, BangaloreAtta Galata is located at Bangalore. It started off by being a regional bookstore, but over the years it has managed to create a separate space for itself. This is in terms of the food and books that it offers. It stocks thousands of books in languages such as Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and English. And their best savouries on offer are surely the fruit bread and the masala bread.

Leaping Windows, Mumbai

Leaping Windows at Mumbai is especially for fans who love their comic books. As such, the café is a cozy one and the library happens to be in the basement. It is dedicated only to comic books for readers of all possible age groups. You are sure to get transported to the comic world over here, along with your cup of coffee. It also helps that the service provided over here is really warm and friendly.

Café Turtle, Delhi

Café Turtle, DelhiThe Café Turtle at Delhi was started in order to act as a foil for  other kinds of book stores. Over here, you have the freedom to find a spot where you can get comfortable and keep on reading peacefully. On top of this, the food that you get here is great as well! Those with a sweet tooth should definitely try the New York Lemon Cheesecake. You are guaranteed to come back for more!

Kitab Khana, Mumbai

Kitab Khana, MumbaiKitab Khana at Mumbai pulls in readers of all ages due to the most appealing aspects of its great location. The atmosphere within this book café is absolutely opposite to the busy and bustling city life outside. The coffee over here is a strong one and the variety of books is massive as well. You can spend hours here, because you would find it really hard to choose any one book, given the great variety of the classics as well as the current bestsellers on its shelves.

Illiterati, McLeod Ganj

Illiterati, McLeod Ganj Illiterati is located at Mcleodganj in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The café is a colourful and vibrant one, and dare it be said that its location in the hills also adds plenty to its charm and appeal! The café is rarely packed below its maximum capacity. The views from over here are breathtaking as well. Just try peeking into the nearby valley, as you browse their book collection! The library over here is stocked well, and would not disappoint you at all.

Cha Bar, Oxford Bookstore

Cha Bar, Oxford Bookstore The Cha Bar of the Oxford Bookstore is a chain, which means you would be able to find one at various locations across the country. In fact, the chain enjoys a degree of unprecedented popularity, simply for the kind of unique space that it provides to the readers. The collection of books over here is brilliant and the menu is exclusive as well. So, enjoy pouring over your favourite books while munching on some finger-licking food.

Literati, Goa

Literati, Goa The book café named Literati is located at Goa. The greatest aspect of this outlet is its design and styling that clearly represents a Portuguese influence and makes it so very adorable. It also needs to be said in this context that its charm is such that it cannot be resisted. The collection of books over here is awesome and the variety of food on offer is exotic. So, what are you waiting for? If you love reading books, and exploring culture, don’t miss a chance to visit these cafes. Apart from these you can also check out Pagdandi at Pune, The Coffee Cup at Hyderabad, and the Café Story at Kolkata.