Best Places to Visit In July

top destinations to visit in july

top destinations to visit in july

Monsoons! A time for a breath of fresh air. A time when the parched earth from the heat of the summer is rejuvenated and there are these different hues and shades of the colour green all around. The colour that is symbolic of nature. Why waste this beautiful time in an urban jungle when you can head off to any of the following beautiful places in India which scream of nature with lush green surroundings, and a chance to be reenergised before you get back to the mundane nitty gritty of life.


The cold desert of India, Ladakh, is indeed a thrilling holiday destination during the monsoons., in July. There are breath-taking views of the beautiful mountain peaks, the most stunning aquamarine lakes, and not to forget the salubrious weather when it is not bone-chilling cold.

  • The places that are a must visit in Ladakh include the Spituk Gompa, Hemis National Park, Zanskar Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and Khardung-La Pass.

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley can be truly described as the Mecca for the mountain lovers. The Spiti Little Tibet Valley is surrounded by the most spectacular looking mountains and glaciers that are certain to leave one awestruck. This desert mountain valley will let you experience tranquillity amidst the spiritual monasteries and lovely villages.

  • Spiti Valley is famous for the Ki monastery, Tabo monastery, and Bara-Shigri glacier

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

If you are not very enthusiastic about mountains and want to remain comfortable in the plains, then Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is just the place for you. This city is perfect for the history buffs for it is rich in historic palaces and temples nestled between forests and vegetation. During the monsoons the entire region seems to come alive throbbing with a life of its own.  Orchha is where the seven streams of the Betwa river converge, and it is indeed a breath-taking sight. Monsoons are mild in Madhya Pradesh and thus the weather is perfect making Orchha perfect destination.


Normally sea sides are perfect for a visit during the winters when the weather is just right for some fun with the sun and the sand. But sea sides during the monsoons is a different experience altogether, and  a visit to Goa at least once in a lifetime in July during the rainy season is an absolute must as the most pristine and sometimes hauntingly desolate beaches with the bluest of the blue water of the ocean await you.

  • Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuaries  are a must visit during the monsoons.
  • The famed Dudhsagar Falls located near the Mollem National Park is at its optimum best and a spectacular sight in July.
  • The brimming Mandovi River is perfect for a lazy boat ride.
  • Last but not the least, since July is off-season, the vacation will be a steal as the rates for boarding as well as food will be at the lowest level.


Desert during the monsoon is another experience that one must not miss. Udaipur receives one of the lowest rainfalls, while the weather remains pleasant. This makes Udaipur a perfect destination during monsoons. Travel through the desert becomes easier with the climate remaining mild. Known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is a very romantic destination.

  • The Monsoon Palace, also known as Sajjan Garh is a must visit. It is situated at 3100 ft. above sea level with a panoramic view of the entire city complete with the lakes

10. Kerala

Kerala that ushers in the Monsoons on behalf of the entire country is indeed majestic during the rainy season. Resplendent with greenery all around, this state is one of the most beautiful states to visit during monsoons in July. Kochi, Kovalam, Kozhikode are some of the beautiful places in Kerala. The entire region seems to be bursting with life.

  • The rice boat cruise in the backwaters in Alleppey is an absolute must.
  • Do not miss an Ayurvedic massage in any of the Kerala  Ayurvedic Spas while there. You will feel rejuvenated.