Fitness Gadgets 2018 That Will Up Your Health Game

Fitness Gadgets 2018 That Will Up Your Health Game

Fitness Gadgets 2018 That Will Up Your Health Game

Technology is penetrating everything and your gym sphere is luckily in the count. How about a smart tech gadget assisting you in getting your fab body faster and more efficiently? Even more so it can even motivate you to stop procrastination and kick the fats in the curb. A fitness gadget is your best ally when you are sweating off towards a toned, better body. So we thought of why not bring to your notice some of the most trendy and extremely useful health gadgets. All health conscious/freaks feel free to scroll down.

Apple Watch Series 3

A smartwatch has to be a staple in every tech gadgets conversation, right? And it is for a good reason. The Apple Watch Series 3 is probably the best smartwatch in the market right now.

What we’re talking about is barometric altimeter sensor powered with a super fast processor which can count the floors you’ve climbed – a feature disappointingly missing from the Series 3 predecessor. Plus, there’s powerful heart rate sensor which can tell you your heart rate by just a raise of your wrist.

And the device without fail alerts you whenever it reads a spike in the heartbeat. Other impressive features like GPS, cellular connectivity are also there.

Apple Watch Series 3

Gemini 3 RE Smart Shoes

A comfortable pair of jogging shoes when coupled with the latest technology is a blessing for all health conscious folks. Gemini 3 RE smart shoes have integrated fitness tracker that record everything related to your running metrics. And thereafter, all the data will be saved to an app which you can easily install. Plus, it is also better for gauging how ready your body is for running with the help of pre-run jump tests.

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - Gemini 3 RE Smart Shoes

Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

Most of us are selfie-obsessed, no one can deny that. And according to the latest surveys, gym selfies are pretty trendy these days. And this fitness gadget helps you to live your dream of flaunting yourself on social media while you indulge in your favourite sports. It comes with a sticky pad, which can easily be put on the helmet top. Your video while cycling or lifting some heavyweights in the gym can be the next viral video on your Facebook! Now that’s a catch.

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - Camera Demon Helmet Camera Mount

Finis Underwater MP3 Player

Some of us have music flowing in our veins. And we know the feeling when you have to leave your earbuds behind when you plunge for swimming.

Now with Finis Underwater MP3 Player, you can listen to your favourite songs, audiobooks, and podcasts while you take swirls under the water for hours.

This one comes with as much as storage of 4 gigabytes for storing WMA and MP3 files. The battery life is good, for you can enjoy your underwater adventure without break in the musical notes for good seven hours.

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - Finis Underwater MP3 Player

Ozmo Active Smart Cup

Planning to drink water is one thing and doing it is another. Most of us know the benefits of water but hardly can drink the required amount for the day. This smart cup (and an accompanying app) tells you exactly how much water you need in a day. There are a series of LED lights on the side which tell you where you are on your water consumption for the day. And what more, you can even set reminders to drink water. Now no one can ignore a reminder to such an easy task.

Ozmo Active Smart Cup


Most part of our day gets consumed in work. So why not make use of that and mix business with some, well, workout. This TrekDesk gadget facilitates you to run or maybe jog (if that’s what you prefer) on a treadmill setting while you can overlook your spreadsheets or tweak your next presentation. It’s perfect for those who like to be on their feet while going about their work. And here’s a motivation -Walking 10,000 steps in a day can put heart diseases at bay and boost your immune system! Inspiring enough?

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - TrekDesk

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect

Getting fit could be a child’s play with this latest fitness gadget. And it’s a great option for those who can’t kick their gaming habits. This one offers a number of fitness regime in the form of floor exercises, MMA-inspired routines, boot camp, Zumba classes and even Kung Fu. You can have so much fun while breaking a sweat that exercising could become your die-hard hobby.

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect

Tinké Fitness Sensor

With this fitness sensor, you are investing in a complete package. This multi-detecting device can monitor your heart rate, examine the levels of blood oxygen, respiratory rate and study your stress levels & patterns of heart activity. In short, it tells you when your body is at its best. All you need to have is the Tinké device and the app. Just press your thumb on the sensor and get the reading. As simple as that! The bonus is that it also tells you when you should be hitting up your doctor.

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - Tinké Fitness Sensor

Fitbit Aria

Weight-conscious, are you? Then you might love this device. And guess what, it not only tells you your weight but also your Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage- very important body parameters. You can manage your report through your PC later on as the gadget can wirelessly transfer the data to your computer.

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - Fitbit Aria

Skulpt Performance System

After the device which focuses on your body fat, how about a device which takes into account your muscle mass. There are only a few like this one. The scanner measures your muscle quality & body fat and then analyses the data to generate an actionable advice and it is unique for everyone based on their physiology.

Fitness Gadgets 2018 - Skulpt Performance System

Fitness gadgets not only look cool, they are also a great motivator for getting you up the couch and get those fats burning. And yes, they are a bit pricey, so more reason to use them to their fullest once you buy them!


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