Top 6 Latest Gadgets To Buy In India

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Top 6 Latest Gadgets To Buy In India 2018


If you want to keep pace with the modern world, it is imperative that you remain updated regarding the latest gadget releases in the market. Manufacturers frequently create new designs which help people live an easy-going lifestyle. Not to forget, that use of gadgets is enjoyable and we get the break we need from our hectic routine. As the competition is increasing, more and more refined technology is introduced in the market, and here we bring you the names of few latest gadgets which you should purchase in 2018:

Amazon Echo Speaker

Highly acclaimed by customers, Amazon Echo allows you to voice control your music. Now, you don’t have to type the name of the song or search for it in your playlist, but can simply command the song to the speaker and it will play it for you. Imagine how comfortable it would be, when you are cooking food with some good music along and you wouldn’t have to worry about wiping your hands to touch your cell phone screen. Also, the device can connect to cloud voice service Alexa, which can make calls, set alarms, read you the news and do a lot more. Multi-tasking is now easier!

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Till now, Nokia 8 Sirocco is claimed to be Nokia’s most powerful smartphone for this year. With 5.5-inch QHD POLED screen, the picture quality would be appreciated by the frequent Instagram users and people who love storing memories into their phone by clicking plenty of pictures with their family and friends. Manufacturers did not forget about selfie lovers too and have placed a 5MP camera in the front. Though there is no microSD card support in it, you can still avail 128GB inbuilt storage and download a lot of apps.

9.7 inch Apple IPAD 2018

When we think about big tech companies, the name “Apple” pops up in our head. We all know that an iPad can be used either as an entertainment device or as a workstation and there is nothing better than one which features a 9.7 inches touchscreen and supports Apple pencil. The iOS 11.3 operating system enables you to open as many apps as you want and that too at a quicker speed. With 8827 mAh battery and 128 GB, you can spend your free time playing your favourite games whenever you want.

Lenovo V310 Laptop

Have you started facing a lot of issues with your old laptop? Then, it is time you purchase the new 14 inches Lenovo V310 laptop, which is priced at an affordable range. Since it is lightweight (only 1.6kg), you need not fret about carrying it for a long haul in metro or train. You can save an endless amount of data with the inbuilt 1TB storage. There is also a DVD-write in case you have additional storage needs. Not just that, you will have a smoother access by the red accent on the touch-pad buttons. The company also offers you a 3 year manufacturing warranty.

Compare Raynoy 24inch LED TV

Who doesn’t want to sit back, relax and watch their favourite series or a good movie, after a tiring day at work? This Full HD TV has 24 inch screen along 12W speaker output, thus showing you a crystal clear picture with good sound quality. Priced under 10,000 rupees, the television has 1 USB port and even 1 HDMI port, so you can connect your cell phone. Could “Netflix and Chill” get any better?

Syska SmartFit Pro SF-27

Losing or maintaining weight is getting easier and more fun with the advent of technology. Syska SmartFit Pro SF-27 will motivate you towards a healthy lifestyle as it has a constant heart rate monitor, step pedometer and calorie counter so you can keep track of your physical activity. You wouldn’t miss any important message or call while you are exercising as it has a built-in caller id and sends text notifications. The design is sleek and would look good on your wrist. Also, you can replace the band anytime you want.

In today’s world, everyone wants to maximize their tasks in lesser duration of time. Gadgets don’t only make us flexible, but also improve the efficiency of our tasks. They are also built to save a lot of space. Earlier, we had to go to one corner of the room to call someone on the wired telephone, but now we can roam around with the cell phone right in our pocket. The boredom and loneliness of our life is eradicated with the latest gadgets, and we sure should make good use of it.

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