Great speech by Mr Narendra Modi at India Today Conclave 2013

Mr Narendra Modi delivered a very effective, inspiring and spectacular speech at the India Today Conclave 2013, in which he talked about the developments in Gujarat, and how these changes have transformed the state. He emphasized on the need of change in approach, governance, change in mindset and involvement of people in development. He also stressed on the use of technology to bring in transparency in the whole system. There is a dire need to involve everyone in the development and only then can said tasks can be completed and that too within a stipulated time period. Above all, everyone should be proud to be Indian.

Some of the highlights of his speech:

  • His definition of secularism is the protection of the country as everyone needs protection.
  • It is essential to act than just to plan. India at present needs action.
  • On talking about the defence budget of India, he has said that India should become supplier of arms across the world rather than buyer. Owing to this reason they have even started a degree in defence engineering since the last three years in Gujarat.
  • India should have good relationships with every neighboring country.
  • Development requirement of India should be prioritized and India should build more hospitals than hotels.
  • India like in the past, can grow with knowledge power rather than military or economic power.
  • Corruption should be eliminated from India but taking funds or asking for donation for the development is not wrong. By using new technology corruption level in Gujarat has decreased to a great extent.

Every word he was saying was backed with examples of development from Gujarat. Gujarat has set various examples of developments in different spheres, which have been achieved by adopting innovative reforms, optimal use of water resources, crop diversification, value chain infrastructure and more. Water management was the main objective of the government as farmers depends upon water for crops. Grass root level approach was formulated with massive participation of public. With proper water management state has won many prestigious awards and there is a huge reduction in the number of villages affected by different kinds of harmful chemicals in water like fluoride and nitrate. Also there is 3.17 m rise in water table of the state. Crop production has increased to many folds by optimally using water.

The energy sector is another area in which the state has achieved an exceptional success. Jyotigram Yojana is a reform that the state has taken. Gujarat with this has become the only state in India till now to work on the area of energy sector after independence. Then there is a decrease in crime rate and crime against women in the state.

Technology is given much importance. Through online government scheme, SW@GAT (State Wide Attention on Grievances by Application of Technology), the common man has a direct access to the chief minister . This initiative has won the UN Public Service Award – 2010. With this there is an increase the transparency and accountability of the governance.

Gujarat also enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in country, decrease in the percentage of drop outs among children in rural schools and many more such development is credited to Mr Narendra Modi.

Today’s India really needs a clear thinker who can lead our country and during the course of development take everyone along with him or her. Hope we are not far from the development when a common man can feel special and be a part of the success of the nation.

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