Bird Talk: India, Pakistan, and the N-Word

India Pakistan Humour Image

India and Pakistan’s relations have nosedived to the lowest levels, with Pakistan threatening to nuke us if we try any misadventure against them. But BEFORE they use the N-word, should they not get their F’s straight? Just saying!

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Well, Pakistan is ranting about its superior defence forces and nuclear arsenal. Take a look at Mukesh Ambani’s wealth, one of the richest men in the world. Now, he can really buy the armed forces of Pakistan! A scary proposition for the country?


India Pakistan Humour Image

A couple of Indian companies have a much bigger revenue profit in comparison to Pakistan’s entire export of goods and services in 2015.


India Pakistan Humour Image 3


What comes to your mind when comparing the economy of Pakistan and India? A squirrel in front of a dinosaur to be more precise.

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