Let’s talk good about India

India is not such a bad place to live after all. Certainly there are issues and things that are not in shape but there are many things that keep the spirit of India live and well. Close knitted families, cheerful evenings, helpful nature and general feeling of living in one’s own country, are still unique to India. Also, along with upsetting news in newspapers, you can see some news, even though in the corner of a newspaper to fill you with pride. What I feel is that if we keep on writing and promoting just the bad news leaving aside the good ones then for sure we are blocking our mind and forcing it to believe that India is no longer a place to live and enjoy life. But this is not true. Good and bad are two sides of the same coin and same is associated with the society. There is no denying that recent happenings in India are depicting all the immoral values that we are acquiring rapidly and it is actually very poignant. But on the other hand progress made by India cannot be ignored. Indian software engineers are demanded all across the world for their intelligence, hard work and knowledge. Educated Indians will certainly move up the value chain in India.

Indian economy has more potential to grow than most of the countries across the globe. In farm output, worldwide rank of India is second. India is the largest producer of milk, coconuts, cashew nuts and tea.

Going with the data on factory output then India ranks tenth in the world. Production of consumer goods has increased with the economic reforms that were introduced in 1991.

In service industry, India ranks fifteenth in the world. ITES-BPO has become the major employment generator of the time.

In February 2012 the World Health Organization has declared India as a Polio endemic free country. This is a big achievement in itself and we must be proud of it. So if we are determined to do anything then for sure we can do that. But we have to keep working with the same zeal to make India completely polio free and for this there should be no case of polio till 2014.
On the Ease of Doing Business Index in 2010, rank of India is 133rd.
India has one of the best telecom services in the world. India at present has 850 million mobile subscribers. By year 2014 it is expected that there will be a 10-fold increase in the broadband subscribers in India leading to 100 million subscribers.

India has fourth rank on Ernst & Young’s renewable attractiveness index. On solar index India ranks second and on wind index India ranks third. There is a great market potential for renewable energy in India.
Buying power of consumer is increasing in India. This has led almost all international retail houses to have their outlet in India. Both urban and semi-urban retail markets in India are showing significant growth.
So amidst of so much development what are the factors that are creating trouble and not letting India’s right image to come forward. Biggest obstacles of the time are lack of social development, corruption and population growth in India. Once we conquer these, there will be no looking back and then our newspaper headlines will have all that praise saga for India.