List of Symbols of States and Union Territories of India

India has 29 states and 7 Union territories. The States of India were reorganized on the basis of language under the States Reorganisation Act of 1956. Each state in India is headed by the Chief Minister who is the elected head of the government. Amongst seven Union Territories, only two namely National Capital Territory of Delhi and Puducherry have Chief Ministers, rest five are directly controlled by the Central Government.

Each state has a Governor who is the de jure head of the state. Also, every state and union territory (except 5) have a local animal, bird, flower, and tree. Some states have their own songs and flags too.

To know more about the animals, birds, flowers and trees of all 29 states read below:

State Animal Bird Tree Flower
Andhra Pradesh Blackbuck Indian Roller Neem Lotus
Arunachal Pradesh Mithun Great Hornbill Hollong Lady Slipper Orchid
Assam One-horned Rhinoceros White-winged wood duck Hollong Foxtail Orchids
Bihar Ox House Sparrow Peepal Kachnar
Chhattisgarh Wild Buffalo Hill Myna Sal
Goa Gaur Flame-throated Bulbul Matti
Gujarat Asiatic Lion Greater Flamingo Mango Marigold
Haryana Blackbuck Black Francolin Peepal Lotus
Himachal Pradesh Snow Leopard Western Tragopan Deodar Rhododendron
Jammu & Kashmir Hangul Black Necked Crane Chinar Lotus
Jharkhand Elephant Koel Sal Palash
Karnataka Elephant Indian Roller Sandal Lotus
Kerala Elephant Great Hornbill Coconut Golden Shower Tree
Madhya Pradesh Swamp Deer Asian Paradise Flycatcher Banyan Parrot Tree
Maharashtra Giant Squirrel Yellow-footed Green Pigeon Mango Jarul
Manipur Sangai Mrs Hume’s Pheasant Toon Shirui Lily
Meghalaya Clouded Leopard Hill Myna White Teak Lady Slipper Orchid
Mizoram Serow Mrs Hume’s Pheasant Iron Wood Red Vanda
Nagaland Mithun Blyth’s Tragopan Alder Rhododendron
Odisha Sambar Indian Roller Banyan Lotus
Punjab Blackbuck Northern Goshawk Sheesham
Rajasthan Camel Great Indian Bustard Khejri Rohira
Sikkim Red Panda Blood Pheasant Rhododendron Noble Orchid
Tamil Nadu Nilgiri Tahr Emerald Dove Palmyra Palm Kandhal
Telangana Deer Indian Roller Jammi Tangedu
Tripura Phayre’s Langur Green Imperial Pigeon Agar Nageshwar
Uttarakhand Musk Deer Himalayan Monal Burans Brahm Kamal
Uttar Pradesh Swamp Deer Sarus Crane Ashok Brahm Kamal
West Bengal Fishing Cat White-breasted Kingfisher Chatian Shephali
Union Territory Animal Bird Tree Flower
Delhi Nilgai House sparrow
Puducherry Squirrel Asian Koel Vilva Tree Cannonball

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List of Symbols of States and Union Territories of India
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List of Symbols of States and Union Territories of India
Every state and union territory (except 5) in India have a local animal, bird, flower, and tree. Know more about these symbols in this post.