Modi’s US visit: America gets Modi-fied

America got ‘Modi-fied’: with tens of thousands of Indian Americans and hundreds of top American politicians squeezing-up every opportunity to have an audience with visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a history of sort was being created on the land of the oldest democracy of the world. As for the first time, a foreign leader was able to create such a wave across America. It is said that the then Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru had also enjoyed huge public response during his US visit in 1949, yet the charm that Modi wove across America is said to be unparalleled. This was clear from the presence of gathering of people in New York’s Central Park and fabulous Madison Square. In the Central Park, 60 thousand people had gathered to see and listen to a leader who rose to become Indian Prime Minister from a humble background of tea seller. In the Madison Square, the hall was packed to the brim to have a glance of a man who has talked about cleanliness and building toilets for every poor’s home in India. In fact, his oratory filled with purpose and decisiveness was casting spell on those people also who had earlier written him off as any other ordinary South Asian politician.

Charming his opponents in the US and elsewhere

In a country where Americans usually maintain their high-browed attitude and don’t care about Asians, had to sit before their TV sets to take note of words Modi mouthed in America. His speeches at the UN where he talked about Group-all (against the division of the world in Group-4, Group-7 or Group-20 and others) the Central Park where he hailed “can do” attitude of youth or the Madison Square where he, amidst public sought of ‘Modi-Modi’ clamour, pledged that “I would do nothing that could let you down”-were oozing out energy and charm. No Indian leader, before this, could sink down their minds and soul so deeply. It is said that the kind of enthusiastic response that Modi received during his visit, even paled the popularity of President Barack Obama. Both being recognized for high degree of individualism, while Obama is known for intellectualism and sharpness, Modi in him combines ingredients of unfussy public diplomacy, indomitable leadership and cleverness of a businessman. Just before his US departure, by setting the tone up for “Make in India” brand, he forced smart Chinese President Xi Jinping to secure his country’s economic interests. Nervous Jinping was compelled to bend over backward to woo investors by giving them facilities of high-tech imports, tax breaks and research and development to upgrade “Made in China” campaign. At the UN, when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was bleeding his heart for Kashmir and blamed India for scrapping the foreign-secretary level talks, Prime Minister Modi admonished Pakistani leadership by saying that “forum” (UN) was not a place to sort out a hitherto bilateral issue. Not only that a diplomat of diplomats that Modi is recognized, made Pakistani authorities like Sartaz Aziz, Prime Minister Sharif’s foreign affairs advisor to realize that “Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit’s meeting with Hurriyat leaders was ill timed.”

Modia makes a pitch for India throughout his trip

Indeed, a man who once shared a chariot with his political guru Lal Krishna Advani during his Somnath to Ayodhya yatra in the 1990s, allows no frills in any deal whether they be of political or economic nature. In his speech at the Madison Square, he said the Indian electorate chose him as their Prime Minister and it was his duty to remain fixed to their expectations. In the presence of 50 US Senators, Congressmen, he thundered that India with 65 per cent of its population under the age of 35 and high IT ability, “there is no need for such a country to turn back and look.” Of course, his attempts to take India to a new height, permeated through all of his 35 engagements in America. His thanks to Indian Americans were also not empty. He announced permanent visa to PIO. He assured of merging of PIO and Overseas Indian Cards shortly and pledged to sort out problems faced by those with non-Indian American spouses. Overall, it was display of Modi as a shrewd businessman who knew how to sell India and its new found love for “Make in India” brand. Also, Americans allowed him every opportunity to show his selling prowess during his highly substantive five-day visit, as close to nine years they had not allowed him to enjoy anything from this land of opportunity.


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