Muzaffarnagar violence condemned by Muslim clerics

Islamic clerics have condemned the violence that is presently going on in Muzaffarnagar and have asked people to be careful of what they feel are political collusion so that division may not be created among them on the basis of their religious affiliations. They have also asked people to maintain a harmonious and peaceful environment throughout Uttar Pradesh. Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali, who is a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, has stated that in the last couple of days there have been plenty of efforts to create an atmosphere of tension in the western part of the state. He feels that the violence has been created as a part of a political game that needs to be unmasked.

Mahli has also asked authorities to take as strict action as is possible on the whole issue – according to him it is not sufficient to say that so and so political parties are involved in the same. Maulana Yasoob Abbas, who is the spokesman of the All India Shia Personal Board, has stated that there were some entities who were trying to drive a wedge between people on the basis of religion and thus trying to gain politically from such efforts.


Abbas, like Mahli, has also asked people to maintain their composure in the face of such propagandist actions and make sure that everything remains peaceful. He too feels that the ones responsible for the unsavory phase should be properly dealt with. The army today has tried to bring the situation under control with a flag march at the areas in Muzaffarnagar district – already the communal clashes in this region has seen the loss of 12 lives and 30 people have been put behind the bars for their involvement with the violence.


It is saddening but not strange that even after 6 decades of independence – in fact we are approaching the 7th one – communal clashes still happen in a country like India that prides itself on being secular but perhaps does precious too little to ensure that the spirit is never violated.


Perhaps the authorities have never tried to understand what causes people to take up arms and rush against ones whom they had been calling brothers only a few days back. Perhaps it is the lack of education and enough opportunities where people do not realize the ramification of their actions or are simply not bothered about the same because they are getting some incentive from their participation in the violence. It is always easy to single out people, punish them and then reach a closure saying that the matter has officially been resolved. However, one feels long term steps are the order of the day so that these times do not repeat themselves – after all prevention is always better than cure!