Sleep Systems: How to Choose a Mattress?

Why should one rotate and flip the mattress?

One should flip as well as rotate one’s mattress every three months because it increases the longevity of the mattress. This action prevents it from sagging and taking the shape of the body if one is heavy, thus evening out its surfaces and sides. It also helps to keep one’s spine in a neutral alignment, reduces overall wear and tear, and keeps the mattress’s comfort and consistency in place. Sometimes months of a year are written on each side of a mattress for the convenience of the customer, telling them when to flip and rotate.

Other types of mattresses available in the market are: Foam, Latex Foam, Adjustable, Rebonded Foam mattress,

Hybrid, Orthopedic, Polyfoam, Futon, Natural Fiber, Cotton Mattresses etc.

Some famous mattress brands in India are:

  • Sleepwell
  • Dreamzee
  • Serta
  • Kurl-On
  • Nilkamal
  • Wakefit
  • Coirfit
  • Urban Ladder and many more

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