Sports makes “stars” but does it really add stars to their character??

Well the answer to the above interrogative may not be tough considering the  “so many” recent infamous incidents in the field of sports. Athletes time and again have kept reminding people that considering them as a role model was as big a mistake as drinking water over tea. Many incidents have occurred in the past suggesting that athletes don’t care about the sentiments of their fans associated with them.

The most infamous incident is that of Tiger Woods, whose playboy nature along with his wrongful deeds led to a complete set back in his fan following and his brand value came smashing down like a meteor onto the earth.Lance Armstrong too for that matter didn’t think twice before using the performance enhancing drugs as he himself confessed to “winning at all costs” following his comeback after the cancer treatment. But as of now he’s a looser in the eyes of his audience, where winning seems to be far impossible.

NBA players Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest both were caught in sexual scandals at different points in their careers. Though both of them kept repeating of not being guilty but evidence proved it all. Huge legends time and again have proved to their frenzy fans that they are fake and project themselves to be something else when in reality they are something else from within.Two legends’ glory faded once again , because of their suspicious characters, disappointing millions of crazy fans yet again.

2013 came in running with with yet another such incident in which the famous athlete , two times Olympic winner with prosthetic limbs, Oscar Pistorius famously known as the “blade runner” shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of Valentines Day. Reeva  was a model, a law student and an entrepreneur who worked towards women upliftment and women empowerment . Though Oscar has Repeatedly pleaded of not committing the murder and mistooking Reeva Steenkamp as an intruder but the question is who would trust him considering the plethora of  infamous incidents involving sports personalities?

Pistorius was and still is a star in his audience’s eyes , but will he come out shining as bright as a star out of this scandal?? Think………