Suicide Cases in India

Why do some people commit suicide  – and those especially who seem to have everything in life? The recent news of Jiah Khan’s suicide forces you to think about this issue. It proves that materialistic gain and wealth is nothing in front of love and care. But do you think that blind love or, for that matter, anything is more important than life? Love is pro life, not against it. So life must be valued higher than love. Also, is love for a girlfriend or boyfriend far above the love for parents, brother, sister or friends that such acts are committed?

Possibly, when one commits suicide then it is that single moment when one does not care for anyone, neither parents, nor family or friends, but just want to culminate his or her life for one particular reason. He or she wants to rest in peace. But who knows about life after death, whether life after death is peaceful or do we have to go through our previous karmas in future lives or where God will send us or what he will make us? There are many mysterious questions that cannot be answered. This means that you know nothing about your condition after death. So, presuming death is peaceful than life is not 100% true.

Who are prone to suicide? People who feel lonely and despair from inside culminate their life by taking this harsh step. In case of severe depression, when the emotional pain becomes unbearable, people start feeling that everyone is better than him or her. Chances of suicide increases when one is emotionally upset, feeling hopeless and helpless and living with low esteem. Under such circumstances people want to kill themselves. Apart from depression, people also commit suicide out of bitterness, insecurity, rejection, revenge and impulsive behavior. Few culminate their lives out of psychological disorders.

Where do we stand in terms of suicide cases?

Number of suicide cases in India is bit higher than the corresponding world rate. Across the world, about half a million people commit suicide and 20% of these are Indians. It has been found that there is an increase in the number of suicide cases since the last two decades. A study was published in The Lancet in 2012 that states that about 187,000 people had committed suicide in 2010. People belonging to 15 to 29 years of age group are more prone to this.
Cases of suicide are more in southern India as compared to northern India. Near about 37.8% suicide cases are of those whose age is below 30 years and 77% of cases are of those people whose age is below 44 years. Domestic violence is one big cause of women suicide cases in India. Poisoning is the most common way to commit suicide (36.8%). This is followed by hanging (32.1%) and self-immolation (7.9%).

Young Indians especially wealthy and educated are more likely to commit suicide as development is forcing youth to the condition of hopelessness. Job anxiety, competition, educational pressure, and society can also increase the number of suicide cases in India.

As more and more number of young ones are relying on electronic gadgets than their family, the frustration level is increasing. The younger generation is also facing pressure from their families to get higher marks and many parents believe that their kids should come first in the class. This is one of the leading causes of suicides in the school-going generation in India.

But whatsoever may be the reason, this step is not a solution to any problem. One must be strong enough to face the realities of life. Accept both good and bad with open arms and do not let anything disturb you.