Increasing student suicide rate in India

It is mere a thought not the conclusion. Why do we need trained psychologists at schools? Why are there so many cases of  suicide among students across the country? Why children today have lost their carefree childhood? Is it true that without knowing we are putting a burden of competition and our hidden aspirations and goals on their tender shoulders? Or am I being paranoid and bombarding these questions on you?

But, this is the reality. Figures and research show it all. India has the highest rate of suicide cases, just slightly behind China. Every day about 95-100 individuals commit suicide and 40% out of them are in the adolescent age group. Academic pressure is the main reason of students committing suicide apart from love-affairs, depression and family stress among other reasons.

Now let us have a glimpse of the daily routine of  most of the students in India. Every student who or whose parents want him or her to achieve something big, goed to schools early in the morning, come back and rush for tuition classes. And if they have to face board exam then they go to coaching institutes as well. Once they are back with loads of assignments, parents are ready with their advice sessions. To my surprise, not only this, but I have seen even the pre-nursery kids going for tuition just after the schools. What is the need of this for them at least. Oh! While writing about all these I am feeling so stressed. This leads to lack of time to relax. Time shortage is even more, if unluckily the school is away from home as this adds in the time to commute.

But the above stated questions are still there and out of these the bigger one is, Why do our kids need extra coaching when they are attending regular schools? Are schools and parents offloading their task of providing quality education to coaching institutes? Are we outsourcing parenting?

So first of all schools will have to be more capable in providing the quality education as per the capability of a student as every student is different. In case additional guidance is required, then it is the liability of the school to hire qualified and trained professionals who can then guide the students rather than they going for coaching classes and doing the same curriculum there. Also it is wrong on the part of teachers to assume that if few students of the class are doing good then the whole bunch of students will do that.

I completely understand that almost in every home both the parents are working but then also it is the whole sole responsibility of parents to be there with kids emotionally every time they need you. Spend quality time with them. Instead of always guiding and advising them be their friend and listen to them. Understand their inner strength and capability and let them be what they really want to be under your right guidance. Do not force them but encourage them to take part in games or do yoga. As a human being our habits control and shape our life. So give them the habits of determination, enthusiasm, optimism and work.

Here I do not mean that students should not study or the students who do not score well should give up. But there should be some radical changes in the way they study. Working and studying on the same pattern will result in the same. This customized solution will have to be found by parents and teachers.