Colaba Causeway Mumbai, Expensive Street Market

Famous metro hose with Cafe Mondegar on the ground floor
Accessory shop at Colaba Causeway
Accessory shops at Colaba Causeway offer a mind-blowing variety

Colaba Causeway is one of the expensive street markets  in Mumbai. At a stone’s throw from the famous tourist attractions like Gateway of India and Taj Hotel, it stretches over several metres flooded with all kinds of goods which hold artistic value.

Artificial jewellery shop at Colaba Causeway
Artificial jewellery is major attraction of the market

Surely, it’s a great place for local public as well as tourists who come here because of its location in Southern Mumbai area. If you move more towards south, there lies Cuffe Parade (one of the poshests of the residential areas ). Not only Indians but many foreigners throng this market because it lies close to the famous Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

Colaba Causeway Market
Colaba Causeway: A buzzing market

As they say, it’s not very difficult to find something here which inherits a unique value of some kind.  It’s not only a backpackers’ paradise, it is also a home of many age-old cafes like Cafe Mondegar and Leopold Cafe and Restaurant where one can take a break from the noisy street.

A flute-vendor at Colaba Causeway
A flute-vendor awaiting customers

What to buy here ?

Answer to this question is very simple. “Yahan sab kuchh milta hai”  –  famous saying in local language meaning you can find anything here. Accessories like bangles, artificial jewellery items to antiques, one can find anything here. You might find the “fixed rate” board written on the street side shops  but one should know how to bargain and bring down the price. It’s like a very usual Indian street bazaar. If you explore more, you can also get your name written on a rice grain or, can get it engraved on a locket. With the Gateway nearby and the sea holding your back, one can take a day off for souvenir shopping and cheap Indian artefacts, the entire clutter of urban Indian living !

Lockets at Colaba Causeway
You can also get your name engraved on a locket

How to get here ?

Churchgate and Victoria Terminus stations are nearby so , you can take a taxi from there. Otherwise if willing, you can also walk down to the place while admiring the colonial architecture on the way.

Metro House with Cafe Mondegar
The famous Metro House with Cafe Mondegar on the ground floor