Smartphone for Senior Citizens with SOS Function and Large Buttons

Smartphone for Senior Citizens

Smartphone for Senior Citizens

The senior citizens of our country who stayed in their joint families with their children and grandchildren usually used to find solace in different religious activities, passing good time with their relatives and friends, enjoying with their grandchildren. They did not have to think for embracing any technology. But today’s senior citizens are quite different from their previous counterparts. As the nuclear families evolved for so many reasons and the main reason being their children stay outside their respective cities due to their career prospects, the technophobic elderly generations have realized the necessities of adapting the technological benefits to stay connected with their near and dear ones.

Very slowly but steadily our senior citizens have started using phones which have been designed for them only with certain special features and are readily available in the Indian market. But as they get used to this new device, their enthusiasm and spree to know more about the Smartphone which they usually find with their younger generations drive them to switch over to smartphones.

Smartphones keep the elderly active

Today’s smart and independent elderly generations are using Facebook, checking their emails, using different types of apps and even communicating with their children and grandchildren over Skype, very conveniently and efficiently. Now they do not have to depend only on postal mails and landline phones to stay connected with their own people. Actually smartphones are keeping them active and lively instead of slowing them down. Hats off to our senior generations who have reshaped their lifestyle in such a way so that they can keep pace with today’s world.

Considering the present scenario, Mitashi has launched its first Smartphone which has been named as Mitashi Play Senior Friend for the senior citizens and it costs Rs 4,999. Being designed for the senior citizens, Mitashi Play Senior Friend is an Android based smartphone with some special features like a large font dialer, colour coded icons and SOS button for any emergency. Not only this, there is also a special feature of large font size to read messages and to store contact details and larger keyboards which will enable the elderly persons to read the text properly.

There are different special features like they can track their own health facts like blood pressure. They can even set reminders in e–books for their medication details. These special features of the different apps are motivating and compelling our senior citizens to adapt the advantages of this technology.

Mitashi Play Senior Friend has magnified features

Mitashi Play Senior Friend also has dual sim facility, dual cameras, FM radio and SOS button for emergency. It also has a 4 inch display along with 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of in-built memory with an expandable slot which runs on Android 4.4 (KitKat). It comes in a beautiful seethrough pack and before one actually purchases it one can view the elegance and beauty of the phone.

Mitashi has come up with a flexible font which can be expanded to thumbnail size keeping in mind that the senior citizens can face difficulties in operating touch screens.

The SOS feature has also standard qualities like iBall Assan introduced in 2011. Mitashi Play Senior Friend phone produces a very loud sound when the button is pushed alerting people who are around and automatically dials up five numbers which are entered before.

Adnan Chara, vice-president, Gaming, Toys and Telecom, Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd., when asked to comment during the launch, said, “A detailed market research done by us suggested that the senior generation, while being largely technophobic is also looking at their grand kids engaging actively on Android platform and definitely want to get into the bandwagon – all they need is a little push! Research also indicated that current generation smartphone users were guilt conscious while using a high priced smartphone for themselves because their parents and grandparents at home were still active on a low priced feature or bar phone. Thus we thought of addressing the need of a smart phone exclusively made keeping their needs in mind. In fact, India has 5 percent of its population over the age of 65 and this in itself presents a big potential market.”

Philips has also launched its Xenium x2566 that too has a feature of SOS and the users can pre-enter three SOS numbers as their emergency contacts on their smartphones.

Our senior generation is very enthusiastic and curious to know more about the technology. For this they require a proper training and guidance.

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