Tips For Spending Your Christmas and New Year Holidays Productively

Christmas and New Year Holiday Celebration Tips

When after the culmination of an entire year’s hard work and grind you get a brief holiday, it is as relieving as refreshing. This time of the year is the beginning of a new chapter in the book of life, so one should make the most of it. Don’t just celebrate or make resolutions this year, rather act and do something productive to start your year with a bang.

The five ways to make this Christmas the most memorable and amazing-

1. Go on holiday with family and friends

This time of the year is for relaxing and letting your accumulated worries drain into the pool of past memories. You can create new memories by spending the most awaited time of the year with your loved ones at mesmerizing places. Visiting new places in the holidays is one of the best recreational activities. You can go to places that make you forget all the worries of this year and motivate you to start the year fresh with no burdens of the past. So, spend the remaining days of this year in the lap of nature, breathe in the fresh air of mountains or feel the warmth of the sun near a beach. Take time to recharge yourself and fill the void within you with a splash of positivity.

2. Spend quality time at Home with your Family

As the year is closing, it’s time to relax your self. This is the phase of celebrations. Welcome the approaching happiness of this year wholeheartedly with your kinsfolk. Take time to decorate your house, watch your favorite movies with family or play engaging games with siblings. Stay away from the virtual world of social media and connect with real people before the year ends. Express gratitude to your buddies and sweethearts who made your year memorable. Time is the most costly gift you can present to your apples of the eyes, so thank them by acknowledging their presence in your life.

3. Expand your horizon

This year try to fetch the most out of you. Focus on yourself and recognize where you belong, so that you may start afresh this approaching year. Eliminate all the negativity and doubts which surround you. Pursue short-term courses during these holidays which would boost you to take realistic Christmas and new year resolutions. This would ultimately help you to climb the ladder of success in the upcoming year. You can pursue a personality development course, self-grooming course, hobby course or watch tutorials on youtube or social media for improving your writing and speaking abilities. Make yourself merry by reading a meaningful book before the year comes to an end or sharpen yourself by focusing on your flaws. Make better and bigger goals this year and try to achieve them steadily. Let the world see and praise the new version of you.

4. Track your growth and review it for procuring a better year ahead

With every passing year, we make certain plans. Sometimes we are able to fulfill them but sometimes we are unable to cross the hurdles which obstruct our path. Instead of focusing on our betterment, we get busy criticizing the situations or mocking the goddess of fortune but this year try not to avoid your shortcomings. It is well said by APJ Abdul Kalam “Your best teacher is your last mistake”, so this year review your activities of the past and track your growth. Recount all the winnings which you have collected this year and let them serve as a source of motivation for you. Also, track your failures and try to improve. Remember, do not let your failures dim your sparkle. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the lessons and achievements you have added to your life in the passing year.

5. Follow the golden rule of 5P’s – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Once Albert Einstein said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. So, before you begin this year don’t train yourself to avoid mistakes rather learn from them so that you may perform well. Train yourself beforehand to tackle a mistake instead of finding an escape. Plan your upcoming year and try not to repeat the mistakes of your previous year. Learn from every single mistake and contribute more to your development by working efficiently with a plan. Also, train yourself to keep going despite the obstacles and hurdles.

Look around, feel the refreshing aura. Mend your worn-out tools and shine brightly in the coming years by recharging yourself during these holidays.