Top 10 Takeaways from Kejriwal’s Speech at Swearing-in Ceremony

Arvind Kejriwal speech

Arvind Kejriwal speech It was an emphatic moment when Arvind Kejriwal took to the podium and addressed the people of Delhi as their new Chief Minister, minutes after the swearing-in ceremony. The seemingly unwell CM did not relent from packing few punches at his detractors. His impromptu speech also exuded genuine willingness to serve the people of Delhi – a willingness to govern.

Here is a list of takeaways from Kejriwal’s speech at the historic Ramlila Maidan:

  1. The new CM sought ‘constructive cooperation’ from the Union government and reiterated that AAP would need Modi government’s support to stay true to its 70-point agenda for welfare of Delhi.
  2. In a subtle way, Kejriwal pushed the ball to Modi’s court when he announced before thousands of spectators that he had raised the issue of statehood with the PM. Showing signs of participatory politics, the eighth chief minister of Delhi sought people’s mandate on the full statehood demand.
  3. Leveraging the fact that the BJP’s inaction on Delhi’s core issues has vexed the residents of the city-state, Kejriwal directed his rhetoric to portray Modi as a ‘very busy’ PM who does not have enough time to pay attention to Delhi. Hence, he concluded that the Centre will sincerely think over AAP’s demand for poorna swaraj or complete self-governance.
  4. He did not shy away from promising the passage of Jan Lokpal Bill and revival of the anti-corruption helpline.
  5. Kejriwal also ensured round-the-clock governance to accomplish what the previous governments could not in 65 years.
  6. Admitting that the AAP lost 2014 Lok Sabha elections because of arrogance, the CM promised to remain humble and drill down the same message to anyone associated with the party.
  7. What figured prominently in his speech is the need to rut out corruption in five years. He also mentioned his intention of putting an end to politics of hate.
  8. The ‘business-friendly’ CM urged the traders community to pay all the taxes faithfully and he took it upon himself to ensure that the taxpayers’ money is put to good use. Giving an inkling that the new government wants business to flourish, the AAP chief ensured the traders that they can look forward to a hassle-free business environment with no department creating hurdles in their work.
  9. Kejriwal sent across a message of zero tolerance towards those who whip up communal tension in Delhi by attacking minority institutions. His condemnation was laced with an appeal to the polarising forces to work towards peace and brotherhood.
  10. His closing message was poignant: “Try to understand the feelings and what we want to do, instead of making fun of what we say.”

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