Kejriwal – Seen as a Chief Minister Who Had No Idea What to Do, and Ran Away!

Public image of Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of Delhi

Public image of Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of DelhiArvind Kejriwal, former Chief Minister of Delhi, is still a popular leader in the city because of his public image as a clean politician with robust credibility earned due to his anti-corruption programmes and his election campaigning style of personally visiting the voters. In fact, this was one of the most important reasons why the party won in 2013. But the resignation of Kejriwal as the Chief Minister, considered a political debacle, in fact has gone hard on his reputation. There are several more mistakes Kejriwal has made which may prove detrimental to his success in the ensuing election.

Quitting Govt: While Kejriwal himself admitted to his quitting the Delhi Government after just 49 days as a major mistake, this move proved to be a major blow not just to him but for the party as well, that marred its national plans. Not only did this affect its image but this also created a rift within the party, forcing many leaders to quit the AAP. Even the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress are now on a campaign to focus on Kejriwal’s resignation and project this as proof of the party’s failure. He is today seen by many people as one who abdicated his responsibilities as he did not have any idea what to do while in Government as opposed to highlighting corruption while outside.

Fought Congress, took support: Another mistake of Kejriwal was accepting unconditional support from the Congress party. While Kejriwal swore on his kids that he would never take outside support from the Congress or the BJP to form a Government in Delhi, his deception came to light when he accepted the Congress’ unconditional support to form the Government. He had got the votes fighting the Congress and corruption!

Somnath Bharti fiasco: Kejriwal is famous for his style of agitation and dharna. However, his dharnas also proved his inabilities for action. When Kejriwal the Chief Minister with his cohorts sat on a dharna in New Delhi following the Somnath Bharti fiasco, it showed the AAP Government in poor light. This questioned the party’s administrative skills and its ability to tackle problems. Kejriwal had made several promises during the election time, most of them were broken; while some promises were kept, some were totally ignored; all in all, Kejriwal dumped Delhi and its people when they required him the most.

Ministers’ conduct: Another mistake was Kejriwal’s inability to adapt to the modified plan. The party legislators and Ministers were not educated in the matter of administration so that they could go well on the lines of the philosophy of inclusive governance on priority basis. They had little knowledge what to do and how.

Awfully ignorant: Last but not the least, is the self-opinionated and the self-righteous approach of Kejriwal. When the AAP formed the Government in the Capital, the party made awful mistakes, largely out of ignorance and the over-enthusiasm to make impact. The untrained, new to administration and passionate to appear totally different, they still didn’t have a plan to create the ship as they sailed. They fell into each lure set by the Congress, the BJP and also the media.

Conducting sting operations: The sting operations to mend corruption in an over-populated country was a childish affair and he belittled himself by fighting with the police. Despite the 49 days in the office, Kejriwal did not have an aota of idea of the systemic changes he promised to the people of Delhi. He did not know how to go about these.

The AAP had mobilised the electorate to win a surprising number of seats and formed a minority Government, but the BJP had got the maximum number of seats, decimating the Congress.

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