Ways to help the Martyr’s Families

ways to help the martyrs family
Help the Martyr's Family
ways to help the martyrs family
Help the Martyr’s Family

Abraham Lincoln has truly said, “ A nation that does not honour its heroes (martyrs) will not long endure.” And the Indians are coming out in throes to help the martyr’s families in the aftermath of the Pulwama Attack. Financial help is pouring in from all quarters, celebrities as well as the common man. The government also pitches in helping the families financially. However, while the financial help is more than welcome, there are other ways and means to help the families of the martyr’s. Hence, ensuring more sustainable support which will help them in the long run.


Most of the families of the Jawans are from rural background. The wives, in case the Jawan was married and the parents, in case he was not, in all probability have not completed their education. As a result, they are not capable enough to manage their own finances. In fact, where the children are young, the financial help received should be invested in a manner that it can be utilized for the higher education of the children. The martyr’s families should thus be given free financial advice as well as services by the investment companies. This should not include – the clause of donations. It should be just a service-oriented donation. It could be the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the investment companies.

Creating awareness

In March 2018, the Government of India took the decision to fully fund the education of martyr’s children. This concession is available for Jawans who have been injured, missing or martyred while on duty. The government has a corpus of 5 crores a year for the aforesaid expenditure. However, most of the families of the martyrs are not even aware of this benefit that is available to them. The government should take necessary steps to ensure that each of the families of the martyr’s is made aware of this benefit. Celebrities have come forward and announced that, they will be helping the children of martyrs families with their education. This benefit should also be made available to them directly without any middleman.

Counseling to Make them Self Sufficient

Losing a husband, being a father and a mother to the children, in the conservative set up of the rural areas can be overwhelming. The wives of the martyred Jawans should be given counseling to help them cope-up with the loss. Vocational training should also be provided to keep themselves productively occupied. The government must take a step towards establishing NGOs across the four corners of India with counselors ready to step in when there is an emergency like the Pulwama attack. These NGOs can help towards providing legal support, counseling, vocational training, and assistance in securing government and defense aided support. Vasantharatna is one such NGO set up in Bangalore by Subhashini Vasanth, the wife of Martyr Col V. Vasanth.


It has been truly said that the most precious gift that you can give another human being is your time. The celebrities who are coming forward to help, could take some time out of their busy schedules and spend it with the children of the martyrs if they want to support. The children could also be invited to gatherings held for them on a regular basis. This would help boost their morale. The celebrities could also think about sponsoring a fun holiday for the martyr’s children once a year. Be a father figure in the truest sense.

Pulwama attack is one of the many attacks that has been waged on the Defense and Paramilitary forces. There are innumerable families of martyred Jawans who need the support and help of the entire nation. It is time for the Indians to take that few extra little step towards being a support system to the martyr’s families. Jai Hind!


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