Voter ID Card: Apply online and offline

Apply for voter id
Apply for voter ID

Elections in India are around the corner. In order to exercise our right to vote, one needs to have a voter ID Card as per the Indian constitution. Every Indian citizen who has attained 18 years of age is permitted to apply for a voter ID Card, which is also known as Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC). Voter ID Card is basically a photo identity which is issued by the Election Commission of India. It also serves as an important proof of identity. Generally, people abstain themselves from applying for a voter ID card, as it is a long and tiring process. But, in order to reduce the hassle and conduct free and fair elections, one can apply for voter ID card both online and offline.

Read below and find out both the ways to apply for voter ID Card:

To Apply Online:

In order to have a voter ID Card, it is important that a voter’s name should be present in the voters list. Do not worry if you are unaware about the status of your name as you can also check it online. If your name is not present in the voter list, you can get your name registered online.

1. To check whether your name is on the list or not – You need to visit If your name is on the list, you are eligible to vote or else you need to register yourself.

To register oneself for voting – Please visit for registration.

2. Once the registration process is completed, the steps given below are to be followed –

If you are voting for the first time – Fill form 6.

Also, voters who have shifted to another constituency, they need to fill the same form.

If you are a NRI Voter – Fill form 6A.

For any kind of addition or deletion in the voter ID Card – Fill form 7

For any correction in the voter ID Card – Fill form 8.

If you have shifted from one place to another in the same constituency – Fill form 8A.

Note: You can also track your application status by visiting

3. Select the language and fill other vital details which are required. Also, upload all the relevant documents while filling the form.

4. Cross-check the details and submit the form.

5. A confirmation E-mail will be received after filling the form, which will help to track the voter ID application status. It may take nearly 30 days for processing the application and issuing a voter ID.

For registering Offline:

1. For registering offline, one needs to fill two copies of Form 6. The form can be taken from the offices of Assistant Electoral Registration Officers, Booth Level Officers and Electoral Registration Officers. These forms are available free of cost.

2. The form along with the copies of relevant documents are to be sent by post or can be handed over directly to the Both Level Officer, Electoral Registration Officer or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of your polling area.

Note: One can read the voter brochure on for further details. Also, one can call 1950 for more information. (Do not forget to add your STD Code before 1950).

Documents required:

Note: If you are filling the forms online, you need to have a scanned copy of the following documents otherwise photocopies of the documents are required.

1. One passport sized photograph.

2. One Identity proof – Birth certificate, passport, driving licence, PAN Card, high school mark sheet, or Aadhar issued by UIDAI.

3. One address proof – Ration Card, driving licence, passport, any utility bill like electricity bill, or current bank passbook.

Other requirements:

1. The applicant must have attained the age of 18 years.

2. The applicant should not be a prisoner, of unsound mind or averted from voting because of some corrupt practices.

3. Relevant copies of original documents should be submitted. Other documents like Form 6 should also be filled.

4. Voter ID Card should be applied only through government approved websites and centres.


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