What are the different varieties of Wood?

India is fortunate to have a lot of trees that may be used to make tables and chairs out of wood. When made into furnishings, all of those kinds’ distinct characteristics are visible.

Some of the unavoidable components of a house are furnishings. The furniture magnifies the house’s beauty, even if it is modern or classic. India’s various wood species are famous because of the excellence they give to it.

Mentioned below are the types of Wood:

  • Teak

The most common wood varies in colour from dark brown to deep yellow. Throughout India, it is mainly situated in the centre and south. Teak is an excellent option for garden furniture like benches and lounging chairs because of its fame for strength, longevity, and climate tolerance. Because it doesn’t bend or decay, beds and cupboards are frequently manufactured from this wood species as interior decoration. It generally features a soft feel.

  • Mahogany

Mahogany is a dark red-coloured wood that is recognized for its distinctive texture. It is sturdy, long-lasting, and responds effectively to polishing and colouring. Additionally, it is widely utilized to create closets, nesting desks, and other household furnishings. One of its numerous benefits is that the material is water-resistant and will not bend, expand, or compress.

  • Oak

In the northern region of India, one can locate this wood. Aside from outdoor furnishings, it is an excellent option for home furnishings like bookcases and closets due to its sturdiness, longevity, and strong resistance to bending and humidity. The texture and polish are distinctive.

  • Rosewood

Dalbergia latifolia, also known as rosewood, is a hard and fine-grained hardwood. It keeps its structure and comes in huge quantities that could be utilized to carve cabinetry and add decoration. Also, it is known as Indian Rosewood. It can be discovered in states like Karnataka, Orissa, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

  • Salwood

Sal timber, widely utilized in construction, is recognized as one of the finest woods for furnishing in India. Sal wood is Indian species of wood that doesn’t need multiple coats of polish to maintain its sturdiness. It can tolerate moist basement environments and humid conditions. Typically, wood is utilized to create pillars, stairways, and door frameworks. Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh are often where one may find Sal hardwood.

  • Satinwood

Satinwood is the ideal material for creating vintage-style household items. This is an economic resource accessible locally and supplied by central and southern regions. Satinwood needs constant cleaning. Satinwood for woodwork is strong and sturdy, and people can acquire the required appearance or texture by utilizing various kinds of polish. Items made of satinwood typically have vivid yellow colour.

  • Pine Wood

The Himalayas, as well as neighbouring mountain regions, often include pinewood. Whereas the other wood is very rigid, the white pine is softer. It has a rough texture and is pretty dense. When it comes in touch with the ground, it is prone to degrade. It is designed to create doors and window frames. Creating matches with white pine is common.