Why is India still a developing country?

British came, ruled and looted India for more than 200 years. When they left India in 1947 they left nothing behind. India had to start from the scratch. These points are said again and again to justify the question that why India is still a developing country. But this had happened sixty six years ago which is quite a long time to cover the gap between developing to developed.

According to Wikipedia a developing country is the one that has low standard of living, not so developed industrial base and low Human Development Index (HDI) as compared to other countries. Many a times actual satisfaction of people is taken into account to categorized nations as a developed and developing country.

India was an agrarian nation and still major part of our economy is based on agriculture. Our nation needs a paradigm shift from agrarian to industrial economy because agriculture depends upon monsoon for irrigation that is highly unpredictable.

Caste based reservation is still a very sensitive issue in India and taken up frequently to fetch votes. This is one of the reasons why our nation is not moving forward at a pace on which it should be to become a developed country. If we want to keep the caste based reservation system then a limit must be defined for the same. Any family should allow to use the quote just once. This means once a person in a family has used the quote then no one else can use it. Caste based reservation was put into practice to benefit under privileged. So once they are out of poverty then they can help the rest of the family. On the other hand government can provide the required financial support to educate them.

India must work hard to tackle the widespread problem of social evils and issues of corruption which are pulling India backward. Indian economy is showing positive signs but corruption is playing a negative role.  Almost every sector in India is affected by corruption especially infrastructure and real estate, metal and mining, aerospace and defense and power and utilities. Corruption leads to an increase in the transaction cost. Corruption also decreases the efficiency and does not allow the development of a healthy market. Corruption is a big hurdle in the growth of the country. Due to corruption foreign investors show lack of interest in doing business in India. Scams are unearthed every now and then in our country. These scams are impacting FDI inflow.

Indian men must respect women and our country must improve on female is to male ratio. Girls should be permitted to born and live after birth.

Every Indian must learn basic manners to keep our country spic and span. This is one of the obvious differences between a developing and a developed country. In India anyone can spit and pee anywhere. Heaps of garbage can be seen in every locality. You can see an empty garbage bin with garbage all around it. Sometimes the task of teaching everyone looks just impossible.

There is probably no law in India that has been implemented with strictness. So law makers must think on the firm implementation and good governance.

Every citizen of India whether rich or poor deserves a respect.

For economic development India must put efforts on education, health and industrial sector. Many researchers in development economics have found out relationship between education and development. Theodore Schultz has found out that productivity of literate farmers is more than illiterate farmers in the developing countries. Mohammed Tamim, reached to the conclusion that with by improving the level of education, an improvement in the level of development can be seen.

To promote business we must have a well developed road and rail network.

India must work on its manufacturing industry apart from agriculture. Progress in this sector will surely help India to come in the list of developed nation. India must work hard to create more entrepreneurs to tackle the problem of job shortage.

India must show zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and social evils. Every Indian must understand his or her responsibility towards nation. No one should look for an easy way and must stand against bribery.

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam has said it rightly that country is more important than any religion or fanaticism of any individual. Young and creative leaders can change India into a developed nation. India will perform when its people will perform.

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