Kerala Backwaters

Beautiful Kerala Backwaters

I decided to leave my Kollam hotel early today at 5:45 am. I always look forward to cover 50 Kms by 9 am. I rode in complete darkness for about 35 minutes. I passed by some really beautiful backwaters today. Just when I had come about 5 Kms from my hotel, I saw a backwater and orange sky behind the trees at a distance, a perfect view from a bridge I was on but could not take a picture as bridge was narrow and I could not stop by.

After 40 kms, I had my breakfast at a tea stall where people looked at my cycle very curiously. The best thing for today was that my accommodation was already arranged in Paravoor (5 Kms from Allapuzha). It was arranged by Dhanush Dev with whom I was in touch through Facebook. He is doing M.Tech from IIT Delhi. I have never met this guy but we are good friends now. We are in touch through a group on Facebook by the name Cyclop and it has more than 7,300 members and many people are already supporting me with accommodation or any help required when I reach their city.

I crossed Kayamkulam before 9 am, native place of Dhanush. I went up the bridge of Thattapally Lake, a really beautiful lake and you can see Arabian Sea at the end of it separated by sand. I called up the person, Mr. Jayaraj, whose contact number Dhanush gave me once I reached Ambalapuzha, 8 kms from Paravoor. Jayaraj was in Trivandrum at that time so his friend and wife came to take me at Paravoor Public Library. It took me 5 hours & 5 mins today to reach my destination, reaching there at 11 am after covering 83 Kms. You never know what life brings to you when you do not even expect such things.

Kanyakumari to Leh

Reaching My Destination, Day by Day