What Is The Role Of Packaging In Terms Of Marketing, Environment And Safety?

boxes and packing
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Packaging is an essential part of any product, and it is necessary to keep the environmental, safety, and marketing considerations in mind. Environmental concerns are important in packaging because of the product’s use, disposal, and packaging made. Furthermore, considering the marketing aspect is essential because it attracts the customers and assures them the quality promised. Lastly, the product’s safety is significant in terms of packaging so that the product remains intact and is served to the customer in its original condition.

Packaging and Environmental considerations

Ethical considerations are an essential aspect of a product’s packaging because of its sustainability, disposal, and recycling. Sustainability is assured when a product is packaged using materials that will cause less harm to the environment. We have limited resources on the Earth, which we overuse so much that it has lead to severe problems like global warming and pollution. Disposal of the packaging is also crucial because the disposed of materials also harms the environment.

For example- plastic bags, wrappers, bottles, or cups are thrown here and there by many people, which pollutes the streets, water bodies, and habitats of many animals. Wastage materials in water bodies harm marine life severely. Recyclable materials prevent the over usage of resources and promote good practice of conservation of resources. Therefore, packaging should be made, considering the environmental factors to minimize harm and simultaneously serve the best quality product. 

Packaging and marketing of the product

Packaging of any product is the very first thing noticed by consumers even before looking at the product. It is important that the packaging looks attractive, colourful, and strong enough to protect the product inside. Customers would first look at how much the packaging is strong to keep the product covered, and then they look at the labelling whether it has proper instructions, labelling, and important dates mentioned or not.

For example, a shampoo bottle must be solid and durable to be stored for a long time and be reused; the instructions and expiry/manufacture dates are clearly labelled. If the packaging is fancy, but the product is damaged, or the writings are not readable, it will be of no use, and the customer will not purchase the product again. 

Packaging and safety of the product

The primary purpose of packaging is to keep the product protected. The safety of the packaging is essential to keep the product safe from any damage or harm, especially if it is a food product or any other product used for the skin or hair, like shampoos or creams. Products kept in the packet for longer durations require being safe while it is being carried or stored. The customers have many products during travelling like beauty products for which durable and protective packaging is necessary. Many people order products shipped from one country to another; one should be certain that the packaging is solid and safe enough not to get damaged while being handled.