Which Apple A Day?

Red and Green Apples
Which Apple you enjoy the most

We are getting spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing which Apple to eat. Liberalization and opening up of fruit imports coupled with opening of mega-stores in A and B level cities have made desire to eat match availability of  the product on 365 day basis. Most mega-stores and specialty fruit shops stock at least six types of Apples in India. Most popular are of course Delicious and Green Apple. Delicious comes with many sub-brands both from within India and abroad. Washington, Red Delicious, Kinnaur and Sopore are all Indian trade names for various types of Red Delicious. Kinnaur, Sopore  refer to the places they are grown in India and Washington is the generic trade name for all Red Delicious coming from the US.

Kashmir Golden tastes very similar to Golden Delicious from the US and Granny Smith has that “sweet-sour” taste unique to itself. Since last few months Gala and Fuji  have also become mall standards. Fuji is being loved because of its firmness and juice quantity and Gala is of course for those would like slightly soft apples. Another indian favorite is Amri from Kashmir, Amri are small apples which have their unique taste and you definitely need a dozen of them between two people.

In this picture are Granny Smith and Red Delicious, Enjoy!