Why Did These Celebrities End Their Life?

Celebrities Who Ended Their Life

Celebrities Who Ended Their Life

Bollywood!! Where dreams are woven; where pixie dust seems to be permeating the air creating magic; where stars shine on earth; where life seems to be perfect; where the smiles are gorgeous. But then there are many smiles that hide dark secrets, nadir of depression and despair. Here are a few of those stars we wanted to see more of on the silver screen but never will because they decided that death was indeed better than the apparent beautiful lives that they had.

Jiah Khan

A star at the peak of her career was a British American actress, model and singer who appeared in Hindi films with a debut in Nishabdh by Ram Gopal Verma in 2007. She was nominated for the Filmfare Award for the Best Female Debut. But the 25-year old actress took her own life by hanging herself in 2013. A failed love life resulted in a promising actress taking her own life.

Divya Bharati

One of the most promising stars with real talent and gorgeous looks, Divya Bharathi was already shining bright when she fell to her death from the fifth floor apartment. Among speculations that her husband Sajid Nadiadwala was the cause of her death the police finally concluded that it was a case of suicide. In her very short stint in Bollywood, Divya Bharati starred with super stars like Govinda and Shah Rukh Khan.

Silk Smitha

The sexy siren of the South with great acting skills committed suicide in 1996. Speculations regarding the reason are many while too much exposure and alcohol abuse seem to be the core reasons. Vidya Balan portrayed the life of Silk Smitha in the biopic Dirty Picture.

Viveka Babajee

Another spark snuffed out due to failure in personal life. Viveka Babajee was one of the foremost models in the Indian Fashion industry. She hung herself from the ceiling fan in her flat over unrelinquished love. With titles like Miss Mauritius World 1993 and Miss Mauritius Universe 1994, Viveka Babaji still had a long innings left which she decided to end.

Parveen Babi

The star of the 70s and 80s, Parveen Babi committed suicide by starving herself to death. Though she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, the despair and helplessness she must have faced was quite apparent from the way she starved herself to death. Parveen Babi was the first Indian actress to grace the Time Magazine cover.

Nafeesa Joseph

Remember the tall and good looking MTV VJ, winner of Femina Miss India Universe in 1997? Here was another star with a promising career. But Nafeesa decided to end her life because of a love life that had gone awry when her wedding was called off because she learnt that her boyfriend Gautam Khanduja was already married and had lied to her about his divorce.

Kuljeet Randhawa

A very familiar face on television in the Kohinoor series as well as the Sony serial C.A.T.S., Kuljeet Randhawa was a Gladrags model. But unable to cope with stress and the complexities of life she decided to end it by hanging herself in her Juhu flat in Mumbai.

Reasons for such Extreme Measures

One always wonders why such successful celebrities would end their life, no matter how much they have been disappointed in love life or are under stress. Life for them should have been perfect and blissful, above these human emotions. But that’s where the core of the problem lies.

  • While these celebrities revel in the limelight, exposed, nude, with no private self, too much exposure, and lack of privacy results in depression, anxiety disorders or mental health issues at some point in life.
  • Young people are especially prone to these troubles. Sudden fame and wealth may be too much to handle at a young age.
  • No matter how happy, normal or successful these celebrities may seem, they have this deep-rooted fear of losing it all one day which further works as a catalyst to depression.
  • Many of these celebrities can be undergoing extreme emotional pain. But the public life they lead forces them to hide these emotions, which is not conducive to a healthy mental state.
  • As a celebrity one’s thought process is shaped by the world because they rely on other’s opinion of them. A celebrity is desirable if the world agrees and a failure if the world decides the same. This situation can become a little too much to handle for the young.
  • Drugs and alcohol play a vital role in the downward spiral of a celebrity.
  • The only friend that these celebrities have most of the time is the psychiatrist, who is not actually a friend but a professional charging by the hour.
  •  Last but not the least, for many celebrities suicide is the final attempt.

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