Will Facebook attain the status of Mass Media in India?

Will Facebook attain the status of Mass Media in India?
Will Facebook attain the status of Mass Media in India?
Will Facebook attain the status of Mass Media in India?
Will Facebook attain the status of Mass Media in India?

What makes Facebook so attractive that everyone wants to be on the board? It offers one of the easiest ways to look for your old buddies, simple way to update your status, photo or video, easy way to satisfy your urge to know what your friends are doing, offers an interesting stuff to read and moreover the best way to stay connected. Facebook is not only used for personal purposes but also by most of the companies, MNCs, industries and extensively by political parties in India at present. Through Facebook they directly get in touch with the consumers, buyers and voters. On the other hand users can easily convey their message, complaints etc.

Social media is generally regarded as a media used for fun and entertainment. Even Facebook started as a media for students and friends. But now it has certainly accomplished more than this and entering into the realm of Mass Media. Facebook at present has more than a million advertisers all around the world from various industries. Extensive Facebook features like low daily budget advertising are helping this social media to work as Mass Media in India. Quick response, measurable, trackable and targetable outputs as compared to the traditional media give Facebook a further edge. The media has outgrown its roots and extended to influence mass population and general public.

What is Mass Media?

Mass media includes every media to reach a large and diverse audience. Print media like newspaper, magazines, brochures etc, broadcast media like radio, television, outdoor media like billboards, placards, digital media like Internet and mobile and even the public speaking and event organizing are included in mass media.

Facts about Facebook in India

As the penetration of Internet is increasing so does the number of Facebook users in India. It is expected that in 2014 India will leave the US behind in terms of number of Facebook users. From 93 million the number will go beyond the 150 million mark. In August 2013, India overtook Japan and became the 3rd largest Internet population after US and China.

It has been found out that more than 97% of Internet users in India access Facebook. 75 million users out of 93 million access Facebook on mobile.

In India 2 million new users are added to Facebook each month.

50% of Facebook users in India belong to the age group 18-24 years, 28% of the Facebook users belong to 25-34 years. Male users are more than female users in India

Instead of sending a mobile text message, users prefer Facebook message.

Facebook has touched the 100 million mark within four years of starting in India.

As the user base of this social networking site is increasing, its chances to beat the traditional media are also increasing.

Because of this top level Executives of the Facebook keep exploring the market especially of developing countries where number of users are growing far more quickly than the developed nation. They are working to extend the mobile and targeting small and medium business enterprises in India. Facebook is going to target feature phone (the basic mobile phones) as in India most of the users sign up to Facebook on various mobile devices.

They are near about 50 million SMBs in India who are using the latest technology to extend their reach. Many businesses are finding Facebook advertising very useful and also budget friendly. By spending minimum amount they are getting more number of page likes, sales etc. For an example 20% of the sales of Kaya Skin Clinic happen through Facebook. Same goes with fashion retailer Myntra who earns a quarter of its revenue through Facebook. The media is actually changing the definition of advertising and business.

But the expansion does not guarantee success. You have to test and analyze your campaigns in different media to reach at the final conclusion. What is good for other business might not be good for you. But there is no doubt that at present Facebook is more than social media in every aspect in India.

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