Will Today be Modi’s Day?

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

The curtain on the electoral suspense will be raised today as the Election Commission declares the results to the heavily contested Lok Sabha election of 2014. The BJP will surely be keeping its fingers crossed and hoping for its best performance ever. All this made possible by the one man who has single-handedly dominated the political discourse ever since he started leading the BJP – Narendra Modi. As the day of results unfolds, everyone from the general public to political analysts to media persons and politicians will be asking himself the same question: Will it be Modi’s day? Will history be written in India, with the Congress party facing its most humiliating defeat?

Modi will certainly hope so. Not only has he expressed unwavering faith in his party sweeping this election, he also has held over 300 rallies and appeared in countless interviews. He has visited even the remotest parts of the country in a bid to revive the party, and resuscitated old alliances. But perhaps more than anything else, if this turns out to be Modi’s day, the man has deserved it more than anyone else. Here is someone who has worked silently all these years to transform Gujarat into a model state, and now wants to put things in order as far as the country is concerned.

More importantly, though, Modi has been consciously cultivating Brand Modi for a long time now. His exclusive focus has been development and progress, a theme that resonates with every Indian today. In him people see a ray of hope, as was evident from his massive rallies that drew tens of thousands of people. Also, Modi has worked to demolished the Congress’s control over the nation, pointing out that the Congress is a party run by a family and as such will never be able to take good decisions. Manmohan Singh’s “puppet Prime Minister” image has only bolstered these claims.

I look forward with great excitement to what the will of the public was this time!

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Narendra Modi