Indian Films Based on Agatha Christie’s Whodunits

5. Grandmaster (2012)

Malayalam Film Grandmaster

Grandmaster, a Malayalam thriller is the first Malayali film to be released on Netflix. This film is based on Agatha Christie’s another murder mystery ‘The A.B.C. Murders’, featuring one of her most popular characters Hercule Poirot. The book was originally released in 1936 by Collins Crime Club. Chandrashekhar rescues three girls which Jerome kidnapped, but Deepthi, his ex-wife takes him to a mental asylum rather than a prison. It turns out the three girls made Jerome kidnap them. The loyal whodunit readers have praised the film to be a satisfactory watch.

Agatha Christie’s work has been widely used by the Hollywood, but why is Indian cinema lagging? At one hand where we produce nearly 2,000 films a year, why do we only have a few hand counted films based on Christie? Its time Indian filmmakers contemplate!

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