Purani Jeans: Movie Review

Purani Jeans

Purani Jeans Movie Poster

Starring: Tanuj Virwani, Aditya Seal, Izabelle Leite

Directed by: Tanushree Chatrji

Music: Ram Sampath

The film industry is that place where it only takes one good film to make you a star! Perhaps this is the reason why some people never stop trying their luck in Bollywood. This week’s release Purani Jeans re-launches one such boy, Tanuj Virwani, the son of the much popular actress Rati Agnihotri. Produced under the Eros International banner, Purani Jeans is a youthful romantic drama that metaphorizes the bond of friendship with a pair of old jeans- “the older it gets, the better it becomes”.

Plot: Purani Jeans traces the story of a young boy based in the US, who on a visit back to his hometown, rediscovers the love and friendship that he had abandoned 12 years ago.

Performances: Perhaps it is harder than the back of God’s head to understand a simple fact that acting is not everyone’ cup of tea! Someone please inform Tanuj Virwani that it is absolutely not mandatory to choose acting as a profession even if you are a very successful actor’s son. Even in his second try Tanuj gives us no reason to call him an actor, unless you count scowling, stooping and staggering as acting!

Isabelle Leite can only fit in best in a Television Commercial for fairness creams. With a solo expression that lasts longer than life itself, what can be expected from her?

Aditya Seal, who was last seen in a controversial film in 2002, also makes a comeback with this film. It won’t be wrong to say that he is the only one who makes genuine efforts to be watchable at least. Perhaps, with Tanuj and Isabelle by your side even a child can seem better.

Rest of the cast is just like a group of non-actors forced to act at the point of a gun!

Music: The overall effect of the film seems to have over-powered such a talented composer like Ram Sampath. The music of Purani Jeans turns out to be a disappointment on his part. There is nothing great about the album that can do any good to an already sunken film.

What’s Good: The mesmerizing beauty of Kasauli! The cute looking guy, Aditya Seal, can be an eye-candy for some.

What’s Bad: The whole idea behind making this film! It is no less than a stale amalgamation of too many clichés.

Purani Jeans ironically turns out to be equally old and haggard as the name itself! Even though the poor director tries hard to target the youth with the emotions of friendship and love, the film fails miserably in terms of its direction. What possibly can come out of a film that serves you with an unbaked plot, sleepy music and absolutely naïve actors! Save your senses, avoid watching Purani Jeans at all costs!

Verdict: Spend time with a pair of old jeans instead of watching Purani Jeans!

Rating: 1 and a 1/2