10 Reasons Why The Aam Aadmi Party Must Form Its First Government

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) must form its first government in Delhi, it is as necessary for the city as it is important for the  AAP.  Though they don’t have the numbers and they would need active or passive support from the Congress or BJP to run the show, still they must form the government. Here are some of the reasons why I think so:

1. The single largest party and pre-poll alliance BJP & SAD have expressed their inability to form a government and have pressed the escape key to create this chaos.

2. AAP is the second-largest political party in Delhi.

3. It is better that they form the government and lose on the floor, rather than not forming it at all. It demonstrates their good intentions and faith in their voters and supporters.

4. They should form the government and hit the ground running. During the next 6 months, which is the max they would have with these numbers, they should use the same for going after corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

5. Their focus should be on highlighting corruption and correcting it or stopping it altogether.

6. They have made electricity a major point of contention, they must go ahead and bring its prices down by 50% and let it be subsidized to the extent it needs to be. If Punjab can live with giving free electricity to its farmers for almost a decade, not only for their farms but also for their super luxurious farm houses, why can’t AAP run it like that? Let Delhi go bankrupt if it has to on this count; bankruptcy of a state, we have seen doesn’t mean much anyway in India. Haven’t we all been enjoying subsidized diesel prices since forever? Utility companies like BSES Rajdhani and the Tata owned NDPL have surplus land worth tens of thousands of crores, there can be ways to put that to some sensible use.

7. It is important that those who voted for AAP become AAP’s supporters and not just remain AAP’s voters. Forming a government would encourage those voters to stand by the party they trusted.

8. AAP forming a government and setting a new example, would help reduce corruption in other states as well, and would help in pushing our economy during this hour of need.

9. Forming a government in Delhi would act as a huge motivator and a game changer for general elections.

10. This would give AAP a feel of  ‘real politics’ or lack of it and would act as a heads up for their certain entry into Parliament. It would give stature and importance to the party and Arvind Kejriwal, and expose him to important embassies and missions in India and develop a much required international profile for him too.

These are the 10 reasons which I believe should push AAP to form the government. AAP must not shirk away from this responsibility now.